10 Signs That You Might…Just MIGHT…Need a New Roof

  • You can gaze directly up at the stars from bed at night.
  • A rainy day results in the opening of umbrellas–INSIDE the house.
  • The bottom’s of Dad’s shoes suddenly appear next to the ceiling light.
  • Mowing the lawn is preceded by picking shingles out of the grass.
  • Your real estate agent looks up, slowly shakes her head and walks off muttering.
  • The satellite technician mysteriously disappears off the top of your house.
  • Your roof sings like Sinead O’Connor on windy days.
  • Guests seem unusually reluctant to remove their hats.
  • Your lush, green backyard is outdone only by the lush vegetation on TOP of the house.
  • An attic inspection reveals the missing satellite technician–two years later.
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