3 Signs You Need Storm Damage Roof Repair at Home

storm damage repair

Storm damage repair might be necessary if there is any noticeable damage to the roofing of your home. Wind, hail, rain, and snow can cause many issues, and some are extremely dangerous if left untreated.

Damage roof repair by a roofing contractor is necessary for the following circumstances:

  • Visible Damage to Tiles or Shingles
  • Water in the Home
  • Gutter Problems

These are issues that are easy to detect in most cases. However, you should always check your home after a storm, even if your roof is brand new. Debris, loose shingles, and various types of water damage can cause severe problems, and a roofing repair service should be contacted immediately.

Visible Damage after a Storm to Tiles or Shingles

An obvious sign of roof damage is missing tiles or shingles or damage to them. 50 mph+ winds can get so strong that they literally blow off tiles and shingles, and other debris can cause collision damage. Additionally, tiles or shingles that were already damaged or cracked can come loose or break off even more material. 

Of course, you might not be able to see your entire roof. It is advised that you check around your home’s exterior for more telltale signs of storm damage to the roof. Loose tile pieces, damaged garbage bags, and broken garden furniture could indicate that something struck them. Check around your garden and examine any debris to determine if it came from the roof.

Water in the Home is a Sign of Roof Damage

A not-so-obvious sign that you require storm damage repair is water inside the home. Compromised roofing and drainage systems following a storm can facilitate water flow into the structures through leaks and overflow. In addition, since there may not be enough roofing to adequately provide water run-off, it can seep or be diverted into your home.

Signs of water in the home because of roof damage are primarily visible in the upper stories, such as the attic. Check your attic for leaking, damp timber, or mold. Water damage like this can become severe if left untreated and will require a professional. Call a roof damage repair service right away if you notice any visible water damage.

Gutter Problems after a Storm

Your roof comprises shingles or tiles, but many components work with a roof to protect your home. Your upper drainage systems and gutters are prime examples. If your drain becomes blocked because of storm damage, your roof and your home are at serious risk of weakened structural integrity.

Water from a storm needs to drain along the gutter and into the downspout. If this cannot happen because of a blockage, it will drain directly into the foot of your home and erode the concrete foundations. This will put your home’s structural integrity at serious risk. You should clean out your gutter immediately following a storm to prevent this from happening.

To understand the cost of a new roof or replacement at home, talk to a roofing contractor. Go through the details and compare the prices of different roofing materials before choosing products.

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