6 Tell-tale Signs It’s Time for Roof Repair at Home

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When the cold weather hits you want to ensure that your roof is in good condition to be able to get you through the winter months. However, if you notice any of the following 6 tell-tale signs, it might be time to call in a professional roofing contractor to help you fix it before it deteriorates even more. 

1. Leakage In Your Home Attic

Have you been up to your attic recently and noticed that there are patches of water every time it rains or dark stains on the ceiling? Well if this is the case then it means that there are gaps/holes in your roof that are permitting rainwater to fall through which will be very damaging. If you do not resolve the situation quickly you could end up with not only damage in your attic, but throughout your house as well.  

2. Your Heating Bill Is More Expensive Than Usual 

Having the heating turned on in the winter months is perfectly normal but if you notice that your bills have increased dramatically within a short space of time it could be that your roof is not well insulated. There might be drafty areas in your attic that are letting the warm air escape which means you will need your heating on for longer and are spending more money to heat up your home.  

3. Any Loose Tiles 

A roof that is in good condition should not have any loose or damaged tiles or look as though they are about to fall off. So if you notice any loose or broken-looking tiles when you have a look at your roof then it is definitely time to get it fixed. Regular inspections will help to prevent this from happening. 

4. Mold or Moss On Your Tiles 

Any signs of mold or moss on your roof are not good. Over time this can create a gap in your tiles that will then allow water to penetrate through. So be vigilant for any signs of mold or moss. 

5. A Blocked Gutter 

When there is a storm there may of course be some residue that ends up in your gutter. But when you go to inspect this and find bits of sandy debris such as asphalt shingles or anything from the top coating of your roof, then this could be a sign that the material is starting to wear off and needs to be replaced. 

6. Curled or Cracked Tiles 

If you notice that there are quite a few curled/cracked tiles on your roof it will be better to replace the entire roof rather than just replace the damaged ones. This is a sign that your roof is wearing out and needs to be changed. 

Looking after your roof is important so that you can ensure that it is kept in good condition and provides maximum protection for you and your family throughout the year. 

If you notice any of the above issues then get in contact with a roof specialist as soon as possible. 

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