In the Barberton West neighborhood, you’ll find a lot of green spaces and easy access to Vancouver’s amenities. This means that this suburban neighborhood has everything it needs for residents who want peace without necessarily having too far from the city center or other areas where people live more steadily-paced lives.

The Barberton West neighborhood is more expensive than 64.6% of the neighborhoods across Washington and 82.8% nationwide. It has a median real estate price that’s $601,641, which makes it costly for most people to live there; however, you will find some bargains if looking hard enough.

In the Barberton West neighborhood, you can find a rental home for your family. The average rental price in this area is $2,369, which makes it higher than 61.6% of other communities across the state.

The Barberton West neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes with plenty of space. The real estate here typically falls into one or two categories: medium-sized properties and large ones that vary between four bedrooms up to five+.

The Barberton West neighborhood is made up of mostly single-family homes owner-occupied homes. The area was developed between 1970 and 1999 with some newer construction starting as recently as 2000, making it a quaint place to call home

What does it take to be successful at marriage? For one thing, you’ll want a lot of common goals and interests. But if that doesn’t work out (or can’t get done), then consider moving into Barberton West, where over 70% percent are already married.

The Barberton West neighborhood in Vancouver is an excellent place for seniors who are near retirement age or have already retired. The area’s top-rated status means that it offers peaceful, safe living with plenty of diversity when choosing between available housing options – from large single-family houses perfect if you’re looking to invite friends over often; to townhouses that allow more privacy while still being close by so your loved ones can visit easily without having too far walk (especially nice during winter); condos where whistling winds won’t get through their windows due to exterior glass surfaces.

The wealthy residents of this Vancouver neighborhood are among the 15% highest-income Americans, making it a lucrative place to live. With an average income that is greater than 85.5 percent of other American neighborhoods, you’ll be sure not only to get your money’s worth but also have plenty left over for savings.

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