Bennington is a beautiful community located in Vancouver, Washington. This is a perfect neighborhood for those who are looking to live in a suburban community with easy access to the downtown amenities.

The Bennington neighborhood is more expensive than 46.6% of the neighborhoods across Washington and 74.7 percent nationwide. It’s also amongst some seriously high-end real estate, with a median price that reaches up to $455,931.

The average cost of renting in this area is higher than average for other neighborhoods. The average rental price currently stands at $2673, which makes it more expensive than 73% of the neighborhoods across Washington- but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a place.

The Bennington neighborhood is one of the most popular areas in Vancouver for people looking to live near work, with plenty of restaurants and bars nearby. The real estate here tends towards medium-sized homes – three or four bedrooms depending on what type you’re interested in buying. The homes here mostly come with three or four bedrooms, making them large enough that you won’t feel cramped when your friends come over. There are also quite a few apartment complexes/high-rise apartments available which offer more space per unit at lower prices than many other areas of Washington.

The Bennington neighborhood is among the more established areas in Vancouver, with many homes having been built between 1970 and 1999. There are also newer constructions that were started after 2000; these provide an updated feel for those who live there now as well.

The Bennington neighborhood in Vancouver is an appealing option for those looking to retire. This community is peaceful and quiet, with above-average safety ratings compared to other communities of WA- it has a wide range of housing options available as well. This area ranks better than 87 percent of other WA communities when considering how great this spot will be during your golden years; think about making a move soon before these houses start filling up too quickly because, as I said: there are only so few places left where you can live comfortably during your retirement years.

This Vancouver neighborhood is an example of the American Dream come true. The people who live in this area worked hard for their money and now enjoy a higher income than 78.8 percent of other parts of America.

The diverse languages spoken by residents in this community give it a unique flavor. The most common language here is English (79.9%), followed by Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, which are used frequently enough to have their own spaces on street signs or apartment door keys, for example.

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