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We Oregonians love Oregon. But we definitely get our share of gray skies and rain here, especially west of the Cascades. If you’ve been considering replacing your roof, you may wonder whether certain roof types are better suited for Oregon’s damp climate than others. The answer is yes! While no roof type is necessarily a POOR choice for this area, some are definitely better than others. Here are three of the best roof types that will hold up well in Oregon’s slightly schizophrenic weather while doing an admirable job of protecting your home or building.

What are the best affordable roof types and materials?

 Asphalt: The vanilla ice cream of roofing materials, asphalt is extremely common and is found in all kinds of climates, including wet, dreary climates like Oregon’s. Snow, wind, and heavy rain are generally not an issue for asphalt roofing, which makes it a better match for the Northwest than, say, the Southwest, where hot, dry weather can shorten its lifespan by up to 40%. The fact that asphalt roofing is relatively inexpensive is another reason why its such a popular choice, particularly in this area.

Metal: Although not as popular on residential roofs, metal is another roof type that does very well in a variety of climates. Metal roofing has come a long way in the last several years in terms of versatility and curb appeal. But metal’s claim to fame is its amazing durability; these roofs can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years or more, depending on the type and the climate. And coating your metal roof with a long-life paint like Kynar can keep it in great shape even longer. It’s no wonder that metal roofing in Oregon has been on the rise!

Slate: Because of its price and its weight, slate roofing is the least common choice of the three. However, like metal, slate is extremely durable. It will thwart heavy rains, yet keep you cool in the summer. And a home covered in slate will be the instant envy of all other homeowners in the neighborhood!

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