Best Ways to Save Money on Your Roof, Preventing Damage and Needing Repair

how to save money on roof replacement and damage

Your home’s roof is the most important part of the property. Yet a roofing installation or repair work can be expensive. Here’s how to save money on a new roof or roofing maintenance work:

  • Hire a Reputable Contractor
  • Maintain Smaller Jobs
  • Call Professionals for Major Work
  • Protect Against Moisture
  • Secure Against Extreme Weather

Wondering how to save money on a roof replacement? Begin by hiring a reputable contractor to ensure any issues are kept to a minimum. Then you can save with ongoing maintenance.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

Unfortunately, there are roofers out there who only care about taking your money with a complete disregard for safety. Some will rush a job, while others will use poor roofing materials resulting in any complaints annually. Lucky for you, reputable contractors like Western Pacific Roofing are among the most trusted in Oregon and specialize in new roof installation and roofing repair.

Maintain Smaller Jobs

Hiring a reputable contractor is the best start to saving money on your roofing. But you can help yourself with minor repair work and inspections.

Home Maintenance jobs you can DIY include:

  • Cleaning moss from easy-to-reach areas.
  • Checking your shingles for signs of damage.
  • Gutter clearance.

Anything more complicated with home roofing is highly dangerous and will require expert roofers.

Call Professionals for Major Work

Working on your roof is dangerous. While you can do minor jobs yourself, there is a high chance of injury or even death for anything more complex than cleaning from the ground or simple inspection. So always call professionals like Western Pacific Roofing for jobs such as:

  • Replacing missing or damaged shingles and underlying membranes or roofing materials.
  • Patching holes caused by missiles or a roof collapse from excess weight and moisture.
  • Upgrading flashing on inaccessible parts of your property’s roof that are dangerous.

Roofing deaths among professionals alone account for hundreds of deaths per year. So being inexperienced is dangerous. Always hire a professional service for shingle replacements, patching holes, or other repair work requiring someone to climb onto the roof.

Protect Against Moisture

Moisture is a leading cause of roof damage. The damage caused by excess leaking, rain, or humidity includes collapse. It can cost a significant amount of money to repair. Therefore, moisture protection is an excellent solution for saving money on a roof replacement. Check for adequate ventilation, clear the gutters and clear the surrounding area of tree branches.

Secure Home Against Extreme Weather

Of course, there is only so much you can do when it comes to roof protection. Acts of God such as a storm are severely damaging to your roofing. However, you can take some extra precautions against the worst. For example, you could consider hiring a professional service like Western Pacific Roofing to install hurricane straps to combat the deadly Oregon weather.


You can save money on your roof in various ways. Begin by hiring a reputable contractor, and always call a professional service for complex jobs and securing against adverse weather. Of course, you can also save some extra cash with regular maintenance and inspections.

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