When you think about it, Vancouver is a city surrounded by nature. The urban neighborhood known as Carter Park reflects this fact with its position on the edge and inside-the trees here provide ample shade from hot summer suns rays while still allowing light to penetrate through their branches, so everything looks normal during daytime hours. This beautiful community is home to many families and offers a quiet escape from the city hustle.

The median home price in the Carter Park neighborhood is $445,898, which makes it cheaper than 56.3% of Washington neighborhoods and 27.3% nationwide. This may be an attractive community to live in if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.

The average rental price in this neighborhood is lower than 66.7% of Washington neighborhoods, making it an affordable and ideal option for those who want to be close enough but not too expensive, with median rental prices currently at $1,776.

The Carter Park neighborhood is a great place to call home if you are looking for something in between affordability, convenience, and community. The real estate here consists of medium-sized three or four-bedroom houses as well small apartments that offer more than just space from day 1 – they also have their own kitchen, which means no last-minute breakfast plans on weekends.

In the Carter Park neighborhood, one can find a mixture of older homes that have been around for decades. It appears there’s no end in sight when it comes to this area being revitalized with new life in central Vancouver.

Not only are most homes in this community occupied by owners, but there’s also an abundance of older buildings that were first built between 1940 and 1969 – perfect for those who want the familiarity without having to deal with all those pesky maintenance issues.

The military people living in this neighborhood are some of the most active and professional you will find anywhere. They go to work every day, and they wear uniforms when off-duty – it’s clear that serving their country is something very important for them. This community has residents more active in the military than 95.4% of other neighborhoods across the United States.

The people who live in this Carter Park neighborhood are some of the most well-educated individuals you’ll ever meet. They’ve been able to achieve success because they’re intelligent and hardworking, with higher incomes than 67.7 percent for all neighborhoods across America.

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