Read 5 Things That Can Affect Your Roof’s Lifespan in Vancouver, WA

factors that Affect Your Roofs Lifesp

If you’re a homeowner in the Vancouver, WA area, then it’s essential to be aware of the things that can affect your roof’s lifespan. Many factors come into play, such as the type of roofing material you have and the climate in your area. This blog post will discuss five of the most important things […]

Preparing Your Roof For Fall: What You Need to Know

Preparing Your new home Roof for Fall

The roof is one of the most important structural elements of your property. It is essential to make sure it is in tip-top shape at all times. With the fall fast approaching, you’re going to need to carry out some additional checks to make sure that your roof is as weatherproof, secure, and functional as […]

When Should You Replace Your Roof Gutters at Home?

when should you replace gutters

If you are like most people, you probably haven’t thought about your guttering in quite a while! The condition of your guttering might be a complete mystery – until the overflow starts causing catastrophic damage to other parts of your house.  The main job of the gutter is to direct water away from the walls […]

How to Start a Yearly Roof Maintenance Plan with Us

What roof maintenance should be done on a roof

Your roof is the primary source of protection for your property. It is what you will be relying on for both residential property and commercial structures. It works to ensure the structural integrity of the building is retained, and that all interiors are protected from the elements. Throughout the year, a roof will come into […]

Important- How to Best Prevent a Leaking Roof

best leaking roof how to avoid roof leaks at home leaking roofs home water damage maple

Leaking roofs are a blight on a house and can cause all kinds of problems, many of which are extremely dangerous. So here is some expert advice on how to prevent roof leakage: Common Causes of a Leaking Roof How to Prevent Roof Leakage Stay weather aware and clean gutters Replace missing or damaged shingles […]

5 Most Common Roofing Problems in Gresham, OR

common roofing issues gresham roofing issues common problems

The Pacific Northwest’s weather is no stranger to harsh elements that can damage your property. Here are the 5 most common roofing problems in Gresham, OR, and the surrounding areas: Poor Ventilation Systems Tree or Tree Branch Damage Damaged or Missing Shingles and Membrane Inadequate or Failing Flashing Poorly Qualified Roofing Contractors Oregon is just […]

Thinking of Installing a Skylight? Know What the Maintenance is Like

skylight maintenance

Installing a skylight is an excellent addition to your home. You can maximize light, increase efficiency and add value. But here’s what you need to know about skylight maintenance: What You Need to Know First Placement is Crucial Leaks Can Occur There Are Different Materials Available Choose a Reputable Installer A skylight is like any […]

Roofing Problems That Can Affect Your Salem, OR Roof

most common roof problems

As with anything in your home, problems can sometimes occur unexpectedly. If this is to happen, it’s vital to get them seen as quickly as possible. This way you avoid it becoming worse or turning into something that is much more costly and time-consuming to fix. Here we take a look at some of the […]

Clogged Downspout: Common Problems and Solutions

clogged downspout

There are a few common downspout problems you should be aware of to protect your roof. Your downspouts are necessary if you want to make sure that rainwater drains off your roof and does not cause damage.  Rainwater can start settling around your house’s perimeter and near the home’s foundation. This can result in severe […]

Cleaning and Taking Care of the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Lake Oswego Roof

No matter what the season, your Lake Oswego roof is important to take care of properly. The roof is the main protection factor for your home and is also really vulnerable to the elements. Whether it is rain, hail, snow, damaging winds, or extreme temperatures, your roof weathers it all.  As a homeowner, you will […]