10 Reasons to Hire West Pac Roofing

10 Reasons to Hire West Pac Roofing: Your Trusted Portland, Oregon Roofing Specialists Welcome to West Pac Roofing, the leading roofing specialists in Oregon. Our services extend all across Portland and its surrounding areas. We are not just another roofing company; we are a part of your community, committed to protecting your homes and businesses […]

Four Reasons To Repair Roof Damage Quickly at Home

Repairing Roof Leaks home storm

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to repair roof damage quickly?” The answer is yes. There are four very important reasons why you should repair roof damage as soon as possible. First of all, water damage can lead to structural problems in your home and can be very costly to fix. Second […]

A Portland Roofing Company Discusses Roof Repair

quality deal install find water Understanding the Roof Repair Process months years ago home great water deal crew shingle issues

Your home’s environmental structure is made up of several different components, one of the most essential of which is its roof. Regrettably, it is also frequently the cause of common issues, such as water seepage into the building. When there isn’t an evident damage issue with your home, your roof is probably the part of […]

Important- How to Best Prevent a Leaking Roof

best leaking roof how to avoid roof leaks at home leaking roofs home water damage maple

Leaking roofs are a blight on a house and can cause all kinds of problems, many of which are extremely dangerous. So here is some expert advice on how to prevent roof leakage: Common Causes of a Leaking Roof How to Prevent Roof Leakage Stay weather aware and clean gutters Replace missing or damaged shingles […]

5 Most Common Roofing Problems in Gresham, OR

common roofing issues gresham roofing issues common problems

The Pacific Northwest’s weather is no stranger to harsh elements that can damage your property. Here are the 5 most common roofing problems in Gresham, OR, and the surrounding areas: Poor Ventilation Systems Tree or Tree Branch Damage Damaged or Missing Shingles and Membrane Inadequate or Failing Flashing Poorly Qualified Roofing Contractors Oregon is just […]

How Moisture Can Damage Your Roof

water damage can affect your home roof and attic

Moisture is extremely damaging to your roof. It can damage and wear out the tiles, making them irreparable. You must spot moisture damage right away and take measures to correct it.  To do this you need to know the signs that moisture is destroying your roof so that you can take action to prevent it […]

Causes of Roof Sagging and Repair Options

Your roof is essential for various reasons. It protects you and your household from weather conditions while providing insulation and reducing utility bills. Likewise, it provides structural support that keeps your building together. Moreover, a good roof increases your home’s value. These benefits make it essential to ensure that your roof is in good condition. […]

Should You Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof?

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Whether it’s due to leaks, drafts, or simply because it doesn’t look right, you might have a good idea that your roof is going to need some help. However, the question is: what do you do about it? Should you repair it, patch it, or replace it? Whatever the case, Western Pacific Roofing is here […]

What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles

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When you have visibly broken roof shingles, it can be a cause for concern. You might begin to worry about rain leaking through the roof, ongoing damage, or even the need for a replacement. However, you shouldn’t panic. In most cases, broken shingles can easily be repaired with the help of a roofing contractor. Here […]

6 Tell-tale Signs It’s Time for Roof Repair at Home

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When the cold weather hits you want to ensure that your roof is in good condition to be able to get you through the winter months. However, if you notice any of the following 6 tell-tale signs, it might be time to call in a professional roofing contractor to help you fix it before it […]