Importance of Inspecting Pipe Flashings and Vents

Pipe flashings and vents are essential components of a roofing system, responsible for preventing water intrusion around certain penetrations and ventilation points.  These components (depending on what type is installed) do not always last the lifetime of the roof and are considered maintenance items. When these elements become damaged or cracked, they can significantly compromise […]

How Ventilation Works to Improve Your Roof Lifespan at Home

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Roof ventilation is critical for homes. As the sun heats your roof, warm air rises and meets cold air at the top of your roof. The cool, dry air absorbs heat from the warm, moist air below and improves your insulation. This process helps to maintain a more even temperature in your home year-round. It’s […]

What are the 4 Main Types of Roof Vents for Attic Ventilation at Home?

Attics are naturally at risk of becoming stuffy and being dominated by stale air. This can have a variety of negative implications. Many problems can occur, ranging from an increased risk of mold developing to the attic simply becoming an unpleasant area to spend time in if you’re using your attic for anything other than […]

Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation

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Chances are, you already have a pretty solid idea of the basics of ventilation. Ventilation is the flow of air throughout a system of intake and exhaust. Ventilation is important for any living space, but especially those that don’t have any windows for fresh air. This can be an issue in homes with roof vents that […]

How Does a Roof Ridge Vent Work

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Your home needs to be able to breathe. The heat from the house gathers in the attic space and to prevent issues with mold, the damp air needs to be able to escape. If it is left to build up, it will cause issues such as the early deterioration of the roof shingles and mold, […]

How To Know if Your Home Needs Better Roof Ventilation?

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Roof ventilation is when air flows through the areas closest to the top of the house, preventing hot air from building and releasing moisture. It won’t appear to be one of the scarier features of owning a property on the surface. The roof can take care of itself. Right? Wrong. Once the roof ventilation to […]

Improper Attic Ventilation or Roof Ventilation Can Cause Serious Issues

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Question: What do the following three home statements have in common? • “Something is causing a draw of weather into the gable vent.” • “My power vent is pulling intake air from the roof louvers when it is supposed to be all coming in from the intake vents.” • “More is better -logic tells me that […]