Recognizing the Telltale Signs: Do You Need a New Roof?

  Your roof serves as the shield of your home, protecting it from the elements year-round. However, with time and exposure to various weather conditions, even the most robust roofs require replacement. Recognizing the signs that indicate the need for a new roof is crucial to avoid potential damage to your home. Let’s delve into […]

Understanding Shingle Composition and Its Role in Roof Health

Shingles, the most common roofing material, play a pivotal role in protecting your home. They’re typically composed of a fiberglass mat coated with asphalt on both sides. These layers serve distinct purposes in safeguarding your roof from the elements. Asphalt Protection: The asphalt acts as a waterproof barrier, shielding your home from rain, snow, and […]

Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient?

metal roofing energy efficient metal roofs at home information panels

The way a house looks is often more important to homeowners than the functionality and efficiency of the home. You may think that if your roof is covered in moss, it doesn’t really matter if your heating bill is high or not. But if you are about to make a large investment in property, you […]

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options and Products

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Are you thinking of having your roof reroofed any time soon? This could be because your roof is currently on its way out, or it could be that you just want to do something a little different. No matter what the reason, one of the things that you should be thinking about is (ECO) environmentally […]

Roofing Trends: What’s the Best Materials in Oregon

Roofing Trends

Oregon experiences lots of rain, and homeowners are faced with a challenge when it comes to choosing the best roofing style. Common roofing issues here are leakage and moisture-related problems. Roof moisture results in algae and moss growth which in return cause cracking, fiber damages, and other deteriorations. Moss, algae, and fungi can cause expensive […]

What’s So Great About Asphalt Shingles on Roofs

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Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in North America. They come in various colors and styles, making them perfect for any home or business owner with an eye for aesthetics. You can find asphalt shingles that match your type, whether you prefer the traditional look of slate-style shingles or you want […]

How Can I Find Out How Old My Roof Is?

old roof

The roof of your home is one of its most essential components. It is your roof that provides shelter and guards you against the elements. As your roof is so vital, it pays to ensure it is in the best possible condition to resolve any problems before they become more severe issues. Unfortunately, roofs do […]

What’s the Difference? Asphalt Shingles vs Metal Roofing

metal roofs vs asphalt roofs shingle materials

Two of the most popular roofing options out there today are asphalt shingles roofs and metal roofs. If you’re currently looking to have a new roof put in place, you’ll more than likely be looking to make a decision between these two options. So, which of them is best for you and your property? That’s […]

What Are The Most Common Types of Roofing Materials?

Kinds or Types of Roof Materials wood shingles, concrete durable, asphalt

You may not have thought much about roofing materials in the past, but when it is time to have your roof repaired, or a new one installed it pays to understand the different types of roofing materials available.  There are several types of roof materials, and each has its benefits. Knowing the differences between each […]

What Are The Best Asphalt Shingles

Best Asphalt Shingles impact warranty contractors good shingles

Your roof is one of the most crucial parts of your home’s structure. Every day, your roof is exposed to the elements and faces harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Exposure to the weather puts your roof’s strength and durability to the test. So, when the time comes to invest in a new roof, it […]