Commercial Roof Damage: What To Do First

Commercial Roof Damage

So you think you have roof damage? You’ll be happy to know that with a quick call, your roof damage worries can be taken care of by Western Pacific Roofing. 

As a commercial property owner, you know that one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure that any problems that arise are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Roof damage is an inevitable part of owning a building; problems occur when the damage isn’t noticed or taken care of immediately. 

Here are some signs of damage that can help you spot any potential commercial roof damage with ease. 


You can make an inspection of the roof to assess any damage that you think is occurring. Here are some signs that you have a damaged roof. 

  • Cracked or blistered commercial roof surface – there may be blisters, bubbles, or cracks appearing on your roof. This is a sign of trapped moisture. 
  • Commercial roof leaks – any water on your roof should evaporate within 72 hours; if it is standing for long, it can cause leaks and age your roof. 
  • Smell/Mold – If there are any leaks, you will notice a foul smell and/or mold. 
  • Damaged flat roof flashing – if you can see rust or damage to the flashing (metal strips that secure the roofing materials), then there is a high possibility that your roof is leaking. 

If you notice any of these things, you should immediately call a professional roofing company. 

Choose an Experienced Roofing Contractor

Take your time to read reviews and testimonials before choosing a roofing company. When commercial roof damage is dealt with incorrectly, it can lead to a more expensive commercial roof repair. Look for a local company with years of experience and the correct licenses. 

Professional Inspection

Once you have found the commercial roofing company that you prefer, you should give them a call and arrange a professional inspection. You can give them all of the relevant information about the property and the condition of the roof. 


You should have the right building insurance to cover damages and repairs to the building, including the roof. There are however, several instances where the insurance won’t cover the damage. Here are some typical damages that might not be covered by insurance. 

  • Roof Age
  • Damage caused by the owner
  • Risky materials

Once the damage has been assessed, you will need to file the claim with your insurance company. After the claim has been processed, the roofing company can then repair the damage. 

Don’t Delay

The longer you put off having your commercial roof repaired, the more likely the damage will turn from a smaller, more manageable job into a more serious health and safety issue. 

Taking quick action can save you money and protect your roof. At the first sign of damage, you can call Western Pacific Roofing. Serving the Pacific Northwest for 14 years, we are reliable, experienced, and provide a 24/7 emergency service. Call Western Pacific Roofing at (503) 659-7663. One of our friendly team members will be happy to help you. 



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