Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation

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Chances are, you already have a pretty solid idea of the basics of ventilation. Ventilation is the flow of air throughout a system of intake and exhaust. Ventilation is important for any living space, but especially those that don’t have any windows for fresh air. This can be an issue in homes with roof vents that are clogged or not functioning properly. This is also important because this is what is going to extend the life of your roof. Every home needs this, and it’s something that should not be neglected whatsoever.

So how exactly does roof ventilation work and why is it so important?

Roof ventilation is important for many reasons. Ventilation can be both passive and active. Passive ventilation happens by convection and natural airflow through the house. Active ventilation helps remove moisture, smoke, and other particles from the house. Passive ventilation is a natural process that takes place when hot air rises and cold air falls to replace it. This creates a circulation of air around your home, which naturally removes moisture and gases from your home environment.

Active roof ventilators are devices installed on the roof of your home to help remove moisture, smoke, or other particles from inside your home environment. They work by pushing or pulling fresh air into the building at a higher rate than what’s coming out of it – essentially blowing out the bad stuff and sucking in fresh stuff – which improves indoor air.

The lack of ventilation can cause massive damage

The attic vents also control moisture, moisture tends to condense out and settles on the framing and insulation. This is the perfect environment for mold to set in. Not just mold, but this can even cause the framing and the decking of the roof to rot. The end result of this would be a sagging roof. This can then cause the whole house to become damaged. Fixing a roof is very expensive, but fixing the entire frame of the house is going to be even more expensive.

What are the benefits of proper roof ventilation?

Other than the fact that proper roof ventilation can help fight off mold and rot, there are plenty of benefits of roof ventilation options. All homes need roofing ventilation as it’s an important component of the home that should not get overlooked whatsoever. 

Some of the benefits can include:

  • Reducing energy cost
  • Extending the life of the roof
  • Controls moisture
  • Reduces extreme temperatures indoors

When the temperature increases or decreases outside, it’s not the same temperature indoors. Properly ventilated roofs allow for heat to escape. If you’ve ever gone upstairs in a house and noticed a massive difference in temperature this is why.  These extreme temperatures are a result of poorly vented roofs. A properly vented roof is going to help reduce the workload on your air conditioner. This means your air conditioner will run less often saving money on the power bill.

It’s best to consider your options on what roof ventilation options would work best for you. This is a component that your house needs and it shouldn’t be neglected for long. 

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