Established in 1890, Esther Short Park is one of Washington’s most historic public parks. Not only does this space have an excellent view for outdoor events like concerts or barbecues, but it also provides an ideal location to sit back and enjoy some time outdoors with friends. The historic Esther Short Park and Playground is an iconic part of Vancouver, WA. A popular gathering spot for Vancouver community events and concerts by bands like Pearl Jam, who have played here many times before. The Esther Short Park also offers plenty of space to sit back, relax under the shade trees while you enjoy your freshly brewed morning coffee, or read one of those magazines that always seem handy when life gets hectic.

To some, nothing beats sitting under a shady tree with friends and family during the summer. If you’re looking to do just this, then head over to street performers who can often be heard from every inch of this five-acre park, especially on weekends, including chimes made by Salmon Run Bell Tower’s own bell tower, which houses an original copy that has been rung since 1879. Other popular reasons visitors come here include shade trees (which offer protection against sun damage) and water features running through it all year round.

Every weekday on Saturday and Sunday, you can head to the Vancouver Farmers Market for fresh produce. The market takes place in Esther Short Park between March and October when it moves indoors at UBC sub Building. The annual Recycled Arts Festival celebrates eco-conscious artwork pulled straight out of the landfill. This event takes place at Esther Short Park and features art made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, old clothes–you name it.

Situated at 605 Esther Street, Vancouver, Washington, the Esther Short Park is an iconic tourist attraction in Vancouver, Washington. The old square in downtown Vancouver is home to one of the most beautiful churches in America. The Salmon Run Bell Tower was built back when it first became a city, and its 35 bells can be heard chiming every 15 minutes from morning until evening hours.

The park is near several hotels, so it’s an easy walk there. You might even catch the farmers market on your lucky day if you’re quick enough. The farmers market is a great place to spend an afternoon, but it’s even better if you can catch the events there on certain days. There are various hotels close by so walking isn’t too much trouble and who knows what might be going down during your stay?

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