The Fairway 164th / Cascade Southeast neighborhood is a quiet, clean suburban community located in Vancouver. It has the perfect location for those looking to live within driving distance of their work, as well as great schools and plenty more amenities available on site.

These are some interesting statistics about real estate prices in this area. The median price for homes here is $550,216, which makes it more expensive than 59.1% of all neighborhoods across Washington and 79.8% nationwide.

With an average rental price of $2,153, the rental cost in this community is lower than 48.5 percent of other neighborhoods in Washington. The Fairway 164th / Cascade Southeast neighborhood provides a great place for renters who want access to public transportation as well affordable housing; that’s just one reason why this area attracts so many people each year.

The Fairway 164th / Cascade Southeast neighborhood is a great place to call home, with many different options available. You can find single-family homes that offer both affordability and spaciousness as well an apartment complex or high-rise apartments if you’re looking for something more luxurious.

Retirees who are nearing retirement age or in the early stages of their post-career life can find a cozy community to settle down with friends and family by looking at The Fairway 164th / Cascade Southeast. This neighborhood combines peace, quiet, safety from crime & diverse housing options, which makes this community among the top 9.6% of retiree-friendly communities in Washington.

This is an upper-middle-class neighborhood in Vancouver where the residents are heavily invested in their community. This area has a higher income level when compared with 64.7% of American neighborhoods, so it’s no surprise that these homes enjoy high levels of prosperity as well.

In this part of town, most people work in professional or managerial capacities. There’s also a lot going on with sales and service-related jobs – from working as an accountant to being served by someone at your local fast food joint.

The language most frequently spoken in the Fairway 164th  / Cascade Southeast community is English, which accounts for 89.7% of households. Other residents in this neighborhood speak Spanish in their households.

The people who live in the Fairway 164th / Cascade Southeast neighborhood are less likely to spend hours daily traveling to and from work because they commute shorter distances. This is thanks largely due to its location close enough to work and errands like groceries or gas stations, but not too far away if you need medical attention right away.

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