Located in Vancouver, WA, and founded by residents who wanted to live close enough with amenities available without being too far from work or school – Felida has evolved into a quiet suburban feel.

The Felida neighborhood in Vancouver has a median real estate price of $677,460, which is more expensive than 76.4 percent of all other neighborhoods across Washington and 87.5% nationwide.

The average cost of renting in this area is higher than 83.9% of other neighborhoods across Washington, with an average rental price at $3201 per month.

The Felida neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for single-family homes and townhomes. The real estate in this area has everything from medium-sized houses with three or four bedrooms up to large properties that offer five bedrooms.

This single neighborhood in the city has a higher concentration of married couples living here than 98.8% of all U.S. neighborhoods. With so many people who are tied down by marriage, it is no surprise that this area boasts high standards for family-friendly communities and schools alike! It seems there’s nothing better than being surrounded by others striving towards something bigger than themselves–whether they have school-age children or not.

Welcome to the perfect neighborhood for families in Vancouver, Washington. Felida is among America’s finest communities, where you can find great schools and low crime rates. The homes here have all of your needs covered – from single-family houses with rear yards full of thriving plants or play spaces waiting just around that corner into town on foot very easily access points both public transportation and car. In fact, it has more family-friendly qualities than 97% of all neighborhoods across Washington.

With a high number of college-educated parents and an excellent school system, this local community is one that thrives on intelligence. In addition to being great for families with children going through academic growth periods or just wanting easy access into higher caliber education programs around town, this area also suits urban sophisticates looking at life from different angles than most other parts of America do–something you’ll find here in abundance.

The people of the Felida neighborhood are some of America’s wealthiest. They live in a well-maintained area where real estate values tend not only to stay high but also increase over time as new construction masks any potential decreases that may occur due to natural disasters. Only a mere 3.6 percent of American neighborhoods can boast of being more prosperous than this particular neighborhood.


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