How Does a Roof Ridge Vent Work

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Your home needs to be able to breathe. The heat from the house gathers in the attic space and to prevent issues with mold, the damp air needs to be able to escape. If it is left to build up, it will cause issues such as the early deterioration of the roof shingles and mold, which can be bad for your health and the structure of your property. 

One of the most important ways to ventilate your home is by using the proper type of roof vent. A roof ridge vent is the most effective method of allowing moist air to exit your attic while still providing adequate ventilation. Despite the fact that there are many other types of roof vents accessible, many experts agree that ridge vents are the most efficient and cost-effective ventilation system available.

What is a roof ridge vent?

A ridge vent is a type of roof ventilation system that is built across the ridge of a roof to provide ventilation. This style of vent, which is protected by shingle tops, not only performs effectively but also has a visually pleasing aspect. This sort of roof vent is sometimes referred to as a continuous vent.

Having a roof ridge vent installed helps to exchange air naturally when hot air in your attic rises. When you have positive airflow across the ridge of your roof and a roof ridge vent installed, the positive airflow across the ridge of your roof allows hot air that rises to break free through the vent-like openings in the ridge vents. 

This natural airflow allows heated air to escape through the vents at the top of the structure, while simultaneously drawing in fresh air to replace it through the soffits.

Why use roof ridge vents?

Besides providing air circulation, a ridge vent on your roof also has the additional benefit of extending the life of your roof. It also contributes to the general cooling and heating of your home, resulting in greater energy efficiency overall. In light of these and other considerations, roof ridge vents are often regarded as an integral component of most modern roof structures.

Other advantages of using roof ridge vents include:

  • Reduces heat build-up, which aids in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the summer months.
  • Because it reduces the burden on HVAC systems, it also results in cheaper energy bills.
  • Prevents the formation of ice dams, which reduces the likelihood of damage to your roof, attic, and exterior walls.
  • Reduces the accumulation of moisture, hence reducing the likelihood of leaks occurring.
  • By ensuring that heat is able to escape from your roof and attic, you may extend the longevity of your shingles.

Ridge venting solutions

Different homes have different requirements, and it is critical to take these requirements into consideration while thinking about your roofing solutions.  The professionals at Western Pacific Roofing will be able to give you advice on the best ventilation solution for your property.

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