How Moisture Can Damage Your Roof

water damage can affect your home roof and attic

Moisture is extremely damaging to your roof. It can damage and wear out the tiles, making them irreparable. You must spot moisture damage right away and take measures to correct it. 

To do this you need to know the signs that moisture is destroying your roof so that you can take action to prevent it as soon as possible.

Here is a look into signs at home to be aware of.

Moisture Can Cause Rotting

One of the most damaging things that moisture will do to your roof is rotting. Many houses are made of wood. The house is usually supported by a lot of it as well. 

Wood and moisture do not go together. When it is exposed to moisture it will become warped and even start to bend. This bending and warping will eventually lead to rotting. 

Once moisture starts getting into your house via a leaking roof, it may start running down your walls and leak into the foundations of your house. When this happens structural damage is almost inevitable.

Mold Growth

One of the most detrimental things that moisture causes on your roof is mold growth. It can grow quickly and rapidly.

Once mold starts to grow it is hard to control and you will need professional help to get rid of it. Having it anywhere on your property is detrimental to your and your family’s health.

In addition to mold, moisture causes moss and algae to grow on your roof as well.

Rusty Nails

Moisture will cause the nails that hold the tiles on your roof in place to become rusty. When the nails start becoming rusty they will begin to become loose. 

Once the nails become loose, the tiles will inevitably become loose. When there is rain or heavy wind, they will likely fall or blow off the roof.

Fire Hazard

One major problem that moisture causes are water in your light fixtures. 

Moisture may leak into the sockets and switches in your house as well. Moisture and electricity are not a good combination. It can cause fires. 

Once moisture settles on your roof the best thing you can do is have your roof fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Avoid Moisture

As you can see moisture causes a lot of damage to your roof. If you’re not careful this damage can cost you a lot of money. 

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you do roof examinations regularly. Inspections will make you aware of when there is a problem with your roof. You will then know whether or not you need to have your roof fixed or replaced.

You can call in a professional to do the inspections for you. Make sure you do these examinations at least twice per year. You must do one before the winter season so that you are prepared for the harsh weather.

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