How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

how often should i have my roof inspected shingles replacement

When it comes to taking care of your roof, prevention is always better than treatment. If your roof falls into a state of disrepair, or there are issues that go unnoticed, you might end up needing extensive roof repairs or a new roof altogether. One way to minimize the risk of long-lasting damage is to have your roof inspected on a regular basis. If you’ve recently moved, or you can’t remember the last time somebody came and conducted a roof inspection, it may be time to make a call to an experienced, reputable roofing contractor in Oregon or Washington.

How often should You have Your roof inspected?

If you haven’t noticed broken tiles or shingles that have slipped when you pull into the driveway, and you don’t have any issues with excessive moss or a sagging roof, you might assume that your roof is in good condition. While this may be the case, it’s often tricky to spot signs of wear and tear or deterioration without examining your roof in detail. There’s also a risk of minor issues becoming more severe due to adverse weather or continued exposure to the elements.

Roof inspections enable experts to identify potential problems, to spot existing signs of damage or wear, and to address issues that could develop into something more serious in the future. Ideally, it’s advisable to have your roof checked over a couple of times a year, once in the spring, and once as the fall approaches.

Frequent roof inspections can uncover potential issues, which can be rectified or repaired to prevent further damage and reduce the cost of maintaining your roof in the future.

If you spot signs that cause alarm, don’t hesitate to contact a roofing company before your scheduled inspection. If there’s a leak in an upstairs room, for example, or you’ve noticed that the tiles don’t look as uniform as usual or the shingle is loose, seek advice. Small problems can often get worse, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What to look out for- Professional Inspections

Your roof is the main barrier to the elements, and it plays a vital role in shielding and protecting your property. When you have your roof inspected, a roofing contractor will examine the component parts, looking for any potential warning signs or problems. They will take a good look at the exterior fixtures and structures, including the chimney, flashing, and gutters, and check insulation inside the roof. If there are any issues, your contractor will discuss them with you and talk through potential remedies or solutions that could be employed either now or in the future. If you decide to have work done, you should be provided with an accurate quote. In many cases, it’s best to address even minor problems as early as possible to save money and prevent the situation from getting worse.

When was your last professional home inspection?

If you haven’t had your roof inspected for a long time, or you have concerns about the condition of your roof, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Western Pacific Roofing at (503) 659-7663 for residential or commercial roofing services. With the weather constantly changing, now is an ideal time to ensure your roof is in prime condition.

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