How to Protect Against Animal Roof Damage

How do I keep wildlife from damaging my home roof and protecting animal damage on roofing pet avoid

One of the most common kinds of damage that your roof can have is that caused by animals. There are many kinds of animals that you might find coming onto your roof at different times. Whether it’s rodents, birds, or squirrels. But the good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure that you are protecting your roof against animal damage. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to get rid of animals on your roof, how to minimize any damage they might cause and related issues.

Which Animals Damage Home Roofs?

Which animals are known to damage roofs? And which you will want to be particularly careful about? One of the main culprits is that class of animals often referred to as critters. That includes squirrels, raccoons, bats, chipmunks, and possums, for instance. Other than that, your roof might be damaged by birds, either when they are nesting or not. Or by rodents, possibly those who have set up home in your attic. Then again, sometimes the damage might be caused by termites and insects of that variety.

What Kind Of Roof Damage Do They Cause?

There are many ways in which animals like these might cause damage to your roof. For instance, they might create openings in the process of trying to build a home there, or by scurrying around. In some cases they might even have been able to move entire tiles or slates of your roof, potentially knocking some to the ground in what can be a dangerous situation. As you can see, there is some real damage that can come about as a result of animals being on your roof. So, you need to be careful and ensure you keep them away as best as you can.

How To Stop Animals Damaging Your Home Roof

There are many techniques and tactics you can use to stop animals from damaging your roof, and it’s good to be aware of all of them. You never know when one or more might come in handy at different times. First of all, think about some of the preventative measures you can take. That might include trimming any nearby trees to make it harder for birds and critters to make their way onto the roof in the first place. You should also regularly check your attic to see whether there is anything living in there.

If you notice that there are any missing or broken shingles or slates or tiles, you should replace them immediately. Otherwise, this is a very easy way for an animal to get to the roof and into the home. Of course, you might also find that you need to call an animal control or pest control team if the problem is severe. You might also need a roofer to come and fix your roof if the animal has managed to cause some damage.

All in all, if you bear that in mind, you should find it is relatively straightforward to stop animals from damaging your roof.

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