Situated at 1011 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington, the Kiggins Theatre is a historic landmark in Vancouver, Washington. The first movie theater to open for public viewing over half a century ago and originally one of its most luxurious theaters around the Northwestern United States before it suffered sudden closures due to fire damage or unruly crowds, which led them being closed down temporarily but managed to find their place as an important historical site where you can visit nowadays even though they don’t show movies there anymore since 2011.

The Adamson Theater Chain, one of the oldest theater chains in operation today—renovated its interior and exterior to make it more visible. They also renovated this historic landmark with an antique auction site on top. But unfortunately, there were no wholesome films shown at that location due to its lackluster programming; so they closed down for good after being burned by fires twice (once when a large trash can caught flame). Luckily though, because every part of the construction was made especially fireproof, including seats, the venue survived both accidents without any permanent damage done.

When Bill Leigh bought the theater in 2006, it had been closed for more than 50 years. With a group of dedicated volunteers (including Seanette Corkill and Clare Ghormley), he worked tirelessly to restore this historic landmark into shape again.

The Kiggins Theatre has a long and exciting history that dates back to the 1920s. After decades of being used for silent films, it was renovated in 2012 by current owner Dan Wyatt who also added community-oriented programming such as independent film screenings with some classic movies mixed into their offerings alongside live shows performed there. It’s now a one-stop shop when you want your entertainment needs met, whether spiritual or shallow desires.

The theater is a great place to catch up on your favorite movies and show off some new ones. The staff has been known for their friendly atmosphere, delicious concessions (think local popcorn), and a fantastic sound system that makes you feel like part of the event rather than just watching from outside in rows with no seat numbers. Locals and tourists can enjoy an array of entertainment at the theater, including independent and classic films, as well as community engagements. The performance space is also home to local libations such as Pizza from Giordano’s or popcorn that has been specially made by one of our own concessions employees.

The atmosphere at Kiggins Theater is genuinely something special. The old-world charm and elegance blend with modern technology to create an incredible experience that you won’t want to miss.

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