Mill Plain is the perfect place to live if you’re looking for an urban neighborhood in Vancouver, WA, with plenty of things going on. It’s close enough that it doesn’t require much time commitment but still offers residents all kinds of amenities they could need, including schools and shopping centers.

The Mill Plain neighborhood is among the most elite areas in all of Vancouver, Washington, with a median real estate price that exceeds $531k, which is higher than 59.1% of the neighborhoods across Washington and 80.0% nationwide. This high cost makes it more difficult for people who don’t live here or work there to purchase property- but if you’re looking at making your dream come true, this place has everything.

The Mill Plain neighborhood in Vancouver is among the most expensive areas to rent. The average rental price here currently stands at $3,358 – higher than 92.6 percent of other neighborhoods within this state.

The Mill Plain neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for medium-sized or larger single-family homes. This area has everything from three-bedroom options with spacious lofts to two-story houses that offer plenty of space indoors and out on the yard level too, as well as townhomes where everyone will be close by but still have their own private living situation no matter what size family they have.

The Mill Plain community in Vancouver, WA, has among the lowest real estate vacancy rates anywhere – just 0.0%. This means there’s an exceptionally strong demand for homes here and/or a problem creating enough supply to meet that need; either way, you look at it, this should lead directly to higher prices for houses (and other types) over time.

The homes in this area have a new and exciting feel to them, with 60%+ houses being newer than 1999. They’re not old like some places I’ve seen; they seem more modern with their stone exterior or wood panels on the doorsteps that make it look inviting enough for you to come right off of your busy street but still maintain an element of privacy if desired too. There are also quite possibly one-of-a-kind nature scenes just waiting around every corner, which really adds something special onto our everyday lives here while keeping things calming at times when we need Some peace from city living.

The individuals who live in this community are some of the wealthiest and most well-off around. For that reason, it’s no surprise to find out how much income these residents make per year – because they would need an extremely high level of payout just so they can afford their own houses.

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