Situated near the Vancouver Barracks, Officers Row is a quaint yet beautiful setting made up of 22 restored 19th-century homes. Built for U.S. Army officers who were temporarily deployed there from 1877 to the 1960s, this exquisite district contains some beautifully kept properties that are now offices or residences available open to the public to explore. The structures were initially the homes for U.S Army officers, but now they hold their own places on the National Historic Register. This is a fascinating fact about these buildings. 

Situated at 1301 Officers Row, Vancouver, WA 98661, Officers Row now holds even more value as an attractive office space for those who work within Vancouver’s military community. It features outstanding restoration efforts on each property – some used as offices and residences while others are open publically accessible homes. This isn’t just any old stand-alone building. Rather you’ll find these historical buildings surrounded by modernized amenities like parks & green spaces, which make this location perfect no matter what profession or level of wealth we may have attained over time.

The first house in this row was built over 150 years ago, and it’s still going strong. The Ulysses S Grant House was completed around 1850 according to historical records from that period – but don’t worry about its age because they offer guided tours through all three floors so you can see what life might have been like at one of these homes back then. If you’re in Vancouver and are looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy some fine food, then the Fort Vancouver National Site is your perfect destination. The stately Grant House hosts an excellent restaurant where visitors can sit back and unwind over dishes created with fresh ingredients from local markets just minutes away. 

Walking down the shaded sidewalk of this aesthetic neighborhood is a fun thing to do. Specific homes like Ulysses S. Grant House and George C Marshall house are decorated in period antiques for all visitors’ enjoyment. These historic dwellings have been renovated to their former grandeur and now house a thriving residential neighborhood with businesses that incorporate both office space, shops, and restaurants. The Eatery at the Grant House offers a variety of delicious choices for when you’re in need of some fine food and wine. Their steak & pasta dishes will satisfy any appetite, while their charcuterie options are perfect if hearty meats are more your speed. 
Officers Row is a must-visit for all the residents in Vancouver as well as tourists who visit this bustling city every year.

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