When you’re done taking in all that Fort Vancouver area has to offer, head over to Pearson Field and check out the exhibits. You’ll be surprised at how much more than just airplanes are featured here. The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site exhibits are a must-see for any history buff. From vintage weaponry to historic aircraft, there’s something in this museum that will surprise you. And if aviation is your thing? Well, then be sure to stop by Pearson Field too – it has an extensive collection of planes and other flying machines on display worldwide, including some scarce ones found only here.

The first person to successfully journey in a plane around the world was Russian engineer Captain Pyotr Balabanov. He took off from Pearson Field with his aircraft and landed back on its original runway in Toronto after achieving an illustrious record that still stands today.

Pearson Air Museum is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for some history on how planes were built. The museum has an attached airport with plenty more information about what happened here in its day-to-day life, and it even includes interactive exhibits so that kids can feel like they too are taking part. Visit this iconic place to be taken back in time when this airfield served as an essential manufacturing space for lumber used by airplane construction crews. Today, Pearson Field is home to the museum that tells its story and much more.

Situated at 1115 East Fifth Street, Vancouver, Washington, the museum is open from 8 am to 5 pm on Tuesday through Saturday. Free admission for National Historic Site visitors applies, so you can visit any time of the day or even drop by if it’s close enough.

The Pearson Air Museum and the Jack Murdock Aviation Center are two sides of one story. Though they have separate focuses, their connection lies in how both museums engage visitors to explore aviation history at its most vulnerable–a time when flying was new compared with today’s sophisticated technology, which can span from propellers throughout our world into space. The stories told by these institutions will take you back through generations-old traditions until finally coming full circle again so that we may now find ourselves here: breathing life into what could only be imagined before as well as looking forward to knowing exactly who’ll be flying above us soon enough.

Visitors can see the many varied aviation events that have happened here through amazing hand-painted murals and exhibit panels. These wonderful creations give you an idea of what life was like back when these things were happening and five early 20th century airplanes that showcase how fragile but complex air travel used to be. 

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