Replacing a Roof in Beaverton, OR? How to Choose a Great Roof

roof replacement in Beaverton roofing repair install

Whether you’re considering a roof replacement or choosing a new roof for a building project you’re working on, it’s a huge decision. The right roof will be long-lasting, look fantastic, and work well with the rest of the building and its surroundings.

So when it comes to how to pick your roof in Beaverton, OR, here’s what you need to consider. 

Weather conditions in your area

One of the biggest considerations, when you’re choosing a roof for your home, is what weather conditions are like where you live. Anywhere prone to winds and high storms for example will need roofs made with materials that won’t be destroyed by bad weather. Hot and humid locations can cause damage to certain roof materials where the loft space becomes moist with condensation. Very rainy climates will need the right roof to prevent leaking. 

Roof weight for the existing roof framing

If you’re replacing a roof, and aren’t simply swapping the materials like-for-like, then one consideration not to overlook is the weight of the roof for the existing frame. A structural engineer or a roofing expert will need to take a look at the job to ensure its safety and feasibility. 

Roof sloping considerations

The current sloping of your roof can impact the materials that you’re able to use. For example, flat roofs or those with a low slope will be more prone to water damage and flooding. So, certain materials won’t be suitable. Before going ahead with your job, make sure that the type of roof and the materials that it will be made from will work with the roof slope that you have. 

Style and aesthetics

The roof of a building has a huge impact on the way that it looks. You might be replacing a roof purely from an aesthetic perspective, maybe if you’re renovating an older property. Even if you’re doing it from a practical point of view to prevent damage, it’s worth keeping in mind. The way that the roof replacement will look is very important. Will the style and the colors you’re considering complement the existing building?

Is the type of roofing permitted where you live

When you’re simply repairing a roof then planning permission isn’t needed. However, if you’re completely replacing the existing roof then in most situations, this work will need Building Regulations approval. The general rule to follow for best working practice is, if you’re changing anything about your roof, it is always best to inform your local Council beforehand. This prevents you from being fined or being told to remove what you have done. It can also prevent any health and safety blunders for any of the reasons highlighted above. At the very least, you may have some style limitations with the types of roofing materials. For example, you couldn’t just remove the roof shingles on your townhouse and replace it. 

Cost and budget

Finally, it’s important to look at costs. Different roof styles and materials will all be priced differently depending on the raw materials, and the amount of labor that will go into it. In order to fit your budget, you’ll need to discuss these costs with the Beaverton roofing company that will be installing your roof. It will all be about the balance between ticking your boxes and getting what you can afford. 

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