ROI Roofing: How Your Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

how much value does a new roof add

A new roof is a great way to add value to your home, whether this is for yourself or potential buyers. The cost of a roof replacement is pretty high, so if you have any problems with your roof, you can instantly put off potential buyers, as it is the last thing they want to deal with when moving into a new home. A new roof can be extremely attractive, both aesthetically and financially, and boost your property value significantly. In the case of a new roof, the benefits will far outweigh the initial costs. 

Learn more about how a new roof can add value to your home. 

Improve the structural integrity

Many buyers will take time to look at the roof of a property, as it will tell them a lot about the structural integrity and the quality of the home. A roof not only shelters you, but also protects against potential risks, such as property damage, asbestos, pests, deterioration, mold and wood rot, and personal safety. A roof provides a barrier against the outside elements, and by doing so, it keeps the property’s structure intact. Without a reliable roof, small problems can progress into larger, irreversible ones which can seep deep down into your property’s internal structures. A new roof can keep your property structure safe, strong, and well protected. 

Make it more attractive to buyers

A new roof can be aesthetically pleasing to new buyers, as it will look like it is in good condition, and potentially have a more modern design as you can update the materials, styles, and colors. As well as making your property safe, which is attractive in itself, it will also provide you with a chance to give your property a new look. 

A new roof can make your property financially attractive too. If you have a problem with the roof that is uncovered by surveyors, then the potential buyers will look elsewhere, or ask for a reduction in the asking price as they will need to pay for the repairs themselves which can be costly. However, if you have already replaced the roof, you will make it more attractive to buyers, provide a great selling point, and even enable you to increase the asking price. 

Increase energy efficiency

Energy-efficient homes are currently booming on the market. With an old roof that needs repairing or replacing in the near future, the property will likely be costing a homeowner a lot more money to run, due to its poor efficiency. A poor quality roof typically loses its ability to insulate the home properly and instead, enables warm air to escape and cold air to circulate, increasing condensation and dampness throughout the property, and more. A new roof will ensure proper ventilation and insulation is fitted, which can prevent problems and make the home run efficiently, which is not only attractive to buyers but will also help them save a significant sum of money each year when they imagine themselves running the home. 

Replacing your roof comes with many benefits, which can significantly add value to your home, make it more attractive to buyers, make it easier to sell, and increase your return on investment. 

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