Roof Maintenance Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts

Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof is taking a battering every day – even when the weather is good. The roof absorbs the brunt of the heat, the rain, the cold, and the wind, but despite it all, it stays over your head – for the most part. When the roof goes through too much, it will start to show weakness with torn shingles or holes in the metal (if you have a metal roof). The roof goes through a lot over time, and it requires regular maintenance to continue working in the right way.

However, you have to do more than just wash the roof from time to time. You have to think about how to treat your roof with respect; after all, it’s covering your home and keeping you safe! Below, we’ve got some vital do’s and don’ts for roofing maintenance. These are the roof maintenance tips to pay attention to!

Do: Trim Your Trees

If you are fortunate enough to have trees growing close to your home, you must speak to an experienced tree surgeon about cutting back the branches. Why? Well, the brushing of the branches and leaves on your roof is going to cause a lot of wear over time. The branches can also break and land on your roof, damaging both the tiles and the guttering. Trimming back the branches is a smart place to begin!

Don’t: Step On The Roof

You need to remember that your roof isn’t flooring. It’s not designed to take your weight, and there’s a good reason for calling the professionals when you have roofing issues. They use special equipment to get up there, and they do it without falling through!

Do: Keep An Eye On Your Insulation

Insulation in the roof keeps the heat out of your home. You need to be comfortable, and the right insulation will ensure that your roof is well-ventilated at all times. You’ll decrease your energy bill with the proper insulation, too.

Don’t: Attempt To Do It Yourself

You may think that you could shimmy up to the roof to fix the shingles yourself. However, it’s not a smart idea. A damaged roof needs particular attention, and if you go through the DIY route, you could end up injured or damaging your roof further. It just makes no sense to do that when instead, you could call the roofing professionals.

Do: Call The Pros!

If your roof needs repair, the best thing to do is call the roof repair experts to get your roof fixed. You need to ensure that you call a licensed expert to work on your roof. They will be able to offer you the best possible care, and they’ll be qualified in all health and safety measures that can be taken with your roof.

It doesn’t matter how simple the task may be: trust your roof to the experts and avoid personal accidents. Keep the DIY attempts to other, safer areas of the home and give the best a call today for your roofing needs.

We hope these roof maintenance tips have helped and If you’re in the Greater Northwest we’d love to serve you! Our roofing contractors and roof installation specialists in Portland, Vancouver, and Salem serve all of NW Oregon & SW Washington. You can get in touch with us at (503) 659-7663 for all your roofing needs.



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