Roof Repair vs. Replacement: 1st Step is an Inspection

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The roof of your home represents a protective barrier, which shields your property from the elements. If your roof is worn, there are patches of loose shingle, or your flashing is sagging, you may be thinking about contacting a roofing contractor and considering the next step. Roof repairs are often carried out to patch up minor issues and maintain roofs, but sometimes, it’s better to invest in a roof replacement. This guide will explore roof repair vs. replacement, providing you with useful information to help you decide which option is best for you.

Roof repair Maintenance

Roof repairs are carried out to address problems when there are issues that can be remedied. In many cases, when there are signs of wear and tear, or the roof has been damaged, for example, by adverse weather, it is possible to repair the affected parts without needing a full-scale replacement. Roof repairs are usually a cheaper option than a roof replacement, and they are generally recommended when there are isolated issues or mild problems that can be solved relatively easily.

As issues that affect roofs tend to get worse with time, especially in areas that are exposed to severe weather, it’s always best to seek home advice as soon as you spot potential warning signs.

Common examples of roof repairs include repairing loose or missing shingles, restoring weakened membranes, improving insulation and tending to sag or fractured flashing.

New Roof replacement

Roof replacement involves refitting the roof and installing a brand new roof for your home. This may seem like a drastic option, but in some cases, it may be better than carrying on with running repairs. If your roof is very old, it has extensive damage, or it would be more cost effective to replace it than to repair every individual issue, your roofing contractor may recommend a roof replacement. Roofs are durable and hard-wearing, but they don’t last forever, and if there are major issues, replacing the roof will help to prevent potentially costly problems over time.

Do I need Roof Repair vs Roof Replaced? Ask Roofing Contractors 

There is no universal answer to this question. The response will depend on the individual project. If you have concerns about the condition of your roof at home, it’s wise to contact a reputable roofing contractor and organize a roof inspection. Once a roofer has looked at your roof and examined the structures in detail, they will be able to discuss their findings with you and make suggestions. In many cases, it will be possible to carry out repairs, but sometimes, if the roof is old, or the condition is very poor, a replacement may be the best course of action.

The best thing to do if you are worried about the state of your roof is to arrange a roof inspection. This will give you an insight into the condition of the roof and enable you to explore the options available to you for your home.

It’s Time For a Home Roof Inspection- to Repair or Replace

If you haven’t had your roof inspected for a long time, or you have an old house, and the roof hasn’t been replaced, the first step to take is to organize a roof inspection. Once you have more information, you can then decide whether to repair or replace your roof. Don’t hesitate to call Western Pacific Roofing at (503) 659-7663 for any roofing needs or roof inspection.



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