Water Damage Roofing: Obvious Signs Your Roof is Damaged & Needs Repair

Water Damage to your roof home repair

Sometimes, water damage is obvious. Water will be pouring through your ceiling and you’ll need buckets to protect your floor. This is a clear sign that your roof has sustained water damage and that you need to think about roof repair sooner rather than later. 

More often, though, the water damage that a roof sustains is not quite so dramatic, and although that’s a good thing in some ways – no one wants an indoor waterfall, at least not one that is flowing in a bedroom or study – it can mean that other, more subtle water damage can go unnoticed. Read on to find out what you should be looking for that will help you know if you have water damage on your roof even if it’s not immediately obvious. 

Ceiling Leak and Discoloration From Water Damage

Have you ever been lying in bed, sitting on the couch, casually going about your business, and you happen to notice that there is a mark of some kind of the ceiling? Maybe you’ve seen such a thing at someone else’s property. Maybe you’ve never seen one at all. When they appear, though, you could well have a water stain, and that will always indicate that your roof has a leak and is damaged. 

These stains will be anything from a light yellow to black, with plenty of shades in between. What makes them stand out, though, is that they will usually have a definable darker ring around the outside, and they will seem to spread out from one central point. They can be anywhere on the ceiling; they are not just limited to the corners and the shadows. 

Missing Roof Shingles Will Cause Water Damage

The shingles on your roof aren’t just there to look attractive; they have an important job to do when it comes to preventing water damage on your roof. When installed correctly, they should move water off the roof and down into the gutter to be drained away. If the roof shingles are missing (or damaged), they won’t do this, and your roof will be getting wetter and wetter. 

If you’re concerned that your shingles are missing, look out for broken shingles on the ground or in your guttering. 

Sagging Walls and Home Ceilings Show Severe Damage

Many times, if you spot that a wall or ceiling is sagging somewhat, you’ll chalk it up to the structure of the building and not think any more of it. This can be a big mistake; it might be sagging due to water damage and you should make sure it’s checked out. 

Even if there is no water staining around the sagging part of the ceiling or wall, that doesn’t mean water isn’t to blame, so don’t make any assumptions here. 

A Soft and Spongy Roof is a Sign Repair is Needed

If you’re willing to get up to your roof to take a good look around (perhaps to see if you’re missing any shingles – even one or two missing ones can cause problems), it’s a good idea to see if any roof sections are soft and/or spongy. Don’t assume that just because everything on the roof looks like it’s meant to that there aren’t any issues; sometimes the naked eye is not enough to spot damage on the roof. 

We hope this helps you spot any obvious signs of damage to your roof. If you’re in the Greater Northwest we’d love to serve you! Our roofing contractors and roof installation specialists in Portland, Vancouver, and Salem serve all of NW Oregon & SW Washington.

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