Selling Your Home? Consider Getting a Roof Inspection

home roof inspection

It’s understandable if you are considering selling your home if you have grown dissatisfied with it over time. You might want to move somewhere else for work, or maybe you need to be closer to your family – but, if the problem is the house, what’s wrong with it?

Keep in mind, if the roof has caused you to be dissatisfied, that potential buyers might not be as happy about it either. A professional roof inspection will help to put their mind at ease. 

They might even decide not to buy the house without a home roof inspection, or at the very least be hesitant to pay the full asking price, if the roof has damage they believe would be too expensive to repair themselves.

You Need A Good Roof For Good Home Pictures

Your home will need those photos to be listed on a property listing site. According to research, 90% of home shoppers begin their search for a home online? You may not be able to rely on pictures captured in a hurry by your real estate agent’s phone.

Ideally, you should photograph your home when you have extensively decluttered it and when sunlight streams through the windows. Unfortunately, the crisp and clear photographs you should aim for may reveal signs of roof damage, like ceiling stains. A roof inspection will identify any parts of your roof that may not be looking their best. 

Major Problems with the Home Shouldn’t Be Hidden

It’s not wise to just keep all of this information from buyers if your roof has been regularly leaking on rainy days, possibly resulting in interior damage such as wet rot or dry rot. Investopedia warns buyers otherwise, they will discover the problem during their inspection.

Therefore, either you repair the damage first or you lower the asking price below the market value of the property to take this into account. If you are not sure whether or not a roof problem exists in your roof Western Pacific Roofing can help. 

Make Sure You Sort out The Small Problems Too 

In preparing your home for viewings and, ultimately, a sale, you should thoroughly clean that home, arrange roof inspection service, and fix even minor roofing damage. The assumption, for instance, that a buyer will not point out a supposedly small crack or stain in your ceiling that has resulted from an emerging roof leak could be risky.

There is a chance the buyer may be scared about the home having more significant issues if they see such problems. The buyer may fear that you haven’t been completely transparent about the other issues. In the long run, repairing the little problems could actually turn out to be cheaper than leaving these issues alone and discounting the price of the home for the buyer.

Needing to have roof repairs or replacements before you sell your home doesn’t need to be a stressful task.

In the long run, you may even find that you get a higher offer on your home and gain money instead of losing money. Give Western Pacific Roofing a call today to arrange a professional roof inspection. 

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