Shingles on Roof Curling Explained

why are my shingles curling

Roof shingles are the flat, overlapping roof tiles that you’ll find on most buildings. They can be made out of everything from wood to slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, and more. While they’re an effective type of roof covering, they’re not indestructible and things can sometimes go wrong. This can cause all kinds of issues below, from leaks and flooding to mold. It can even jeopardize the structure of the building below if it’s not sorted in good time. One of the warning signs to look out for when you’re keeping an eye on your roof’s maintenance is shingles that are curling. When they curl, the edges turn upwards making the central part of the shingle look like it is sinking (a concave shape). This negatively affects the way your roof looks and over time and how it will perform. If you’ve spotted this, here are some of the reasons it happens. 


Moisture is the most common cause of roof shingles warping- this can include both buckling (where the shingles turn upwards into a convex shape), and curling of the tiles. A lot of the time, moisture is a result of poor ventilation in the attic. Moist air becomes trapped causing condensation which can affect the materials of your roofing. The lack of airflow and the buildup of moisture also create the perfect conditions for mold. This would create much more wear and tear. Then once high winds, hail, and stormy weather sets in, your shingles are more vulnerable to damage.

Incorrect Installation

Improper installation of roof shingles will undoubtedly shorten their lifespan and cause issues such as curling. Some common errors include not using enough nails per shingle, or wrong placement of the nails. When the tar lines, the adhesive strips on each shingle, aren’t lined up properly, they’re unable to adhere correctly which can cause a multitude of issues. Always have an experienced professional complete any roofing or roof shingle repair work to avoid these problems. 

Multiple Layers of Roofing

One cost-saving measure some homeowners have been known to take is installing a second roof on top of an existing one. While this might save money in the short run compared with removing old materials and starting from scratch. If not, you’re at a much higher risk of things going wrong since shingles are less secure. They’re more vulnerable to weather conditions, and shingles falling off or becoming damaged will likely be a cost you’ll have to deal with overtime. 

Old age

One of the most common causes of curling shingles is age. Roofing materials are strong and designed to last, but they can’t and won’t last forever. If your roof is older than fifteen years and the shingles are curling, it’s likely that it’s simply worn out. Your roof definitely needs shingle replacement work carried out. You will save money and hassle by being proactive and having it done before the shingles completely fail and begin to let in water.

Keeping a close eye on the condition of your home roof over the years is so important for home and building owners.

This will allow you to spot warning signs such as shingles curling. You should act on them before any damage occurs to the building below. 

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