Should You Purchase a Roofing Warranty?

Should you purchase a warranty for your roof job? Although top-rate materials and expert workmanship make it unlikely that you’ll have problems with a roof installed by Western Pacific Roofing, if you WERE to have a serious issue, the cost of fixing it can be high–sometimes as much as the cost of the roof itself! Ask your estimator about the different warranty options we offer. For relatively minor cost, you can ensure that you won’t get stuck with a very LARGE expense for many years down the road.

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Western Pacific Roofing

COVID-19 Update:

We recognize that these are challenging times, filled with a high degree of uncertainty. In response, we wanted to let you know we have taken the steps to ensure the ability to inspect your roof, complete an estimate, and do our job while protecting you and our employees! In an effort to continue providing exceptional service for our customers we are still maintaining regular office hours as we have been deemed an essential business. Call by appointment only at this time.

Our main goal is to ensure the health of our customers, team and community members by following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as well as our local health agency’s advice. In addition to the CDC guidelines, our team is taking the following precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Implementing a “No-Handshake Policy” for all staff. Our team encourages customers to follow suit and maintain social distancing.
  • Cleaning and disinfectant products are readily available to all team members.
  • To keep up to date on news and resources, you can visit


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