Cleaning and Taking Care of the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Lake Oswego Roof

No matter what the season, your Lake Oswego roof is important to take care of properly. The roof is the main protection factor for your home and is also really vulnerable to the elements. Whether it is rain, hail, snow, damaging winds, or extreme temperatures, your roof weathers it all. 

As a homeowner, you will want to keep reading to learn more about the most easily damaged parts of your roof. Let’s take a look.  

What Is the Most Vulnerable Part of the Home Roof?

If you are looking to protect your home investment and learn more about your roof and its vulnerabilities, there are three main areas that are potential weak points. Educating yourself on these terms is a great first step towards understanding how to protect your main financial asset – your home. 

1. Home Roof Valley

The roof valley is found where two sloping planes of your roof have come together to form the aforementioned valley. This is a possible area of concern as the two roof planes come together in the valley, and combined water meets here to run off.

You or a professional should inspect your roof to look for bulges, dips, or cracks in the shingles. Look in the attic or crawl space for damage that may have occurred there as well.

2. Roof Edges

There are a couple of different parts of the roof that are denoted as roof edges. They are all potential weak points where water can enter into your roof, and down into your home. 

  • Eaves lie on the lower edge of your roof and usually hang over the edge of your home. You should clean out any dirt or debris in the eaves and then check for cracks or holes. These can be entry points for water damage to occur.
  • The fascia is an ornamental board that serves as a transitional trimline between your home and roof connection point. Look for fascia that is missing, rusting, damaged, or showing signs of rot.

3. Home Ridge Vent

The ridge vent is a vent system located at the roof’s peak. Ridge vents are also outlets for air that lie above the roof deck. Stacks or pipes are good examples of this and may be installed on the soffit, gable, or the roof itself. Ridge vents serve the purpose of providing proper ventilation for the area underneath the roof deck.

Metal vents have a propensity to leak as time passes and require replacement. Due to this potential weak point in your structure, you should inspect it periodically. You can do this by entering your attic or crawl space to look for any indications of water leakage. Stained or wet materials will signal a need to replace your ridge vent right away. 

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