Thinking of Installing a Skylight? Know What the Maintenance is Like

skylight maintenance

Installing a skylight is an excellent addition to your home. You can maximize light, increase efficiency and add value.

But here’s what you need to know about skylight maintenance:

  • What You Need to Know First
  • Placement is Crucial
  • Leaks Can Occur
  • There Are Different Materials Available
  • Choose a Reputable Installer

A skylight is like any other part of your home. A skylight is a valuable addition yet requires ongoing maintenance to keep costs down and prevent major issues from occurring.

What You Need to Know First about Skylights

There are different types of skylights available such as domed and flat. And each comes with maintenance requirements. For instance, skylights that can’t be opened require less upkeep than those that can or are ventilated. Fortunately, you can work with your installers, such as Western Pacific Roofing, who will advise about the best for your roof and requirements.

Placement is Crucial

You might think you can install a skylight on any part of your roof. Yet the placement plays a crucial role in its effectiveness and how much maintenance it needs. For instance, the facing of a skylight determines how much heat versus light it will allow into your home. Both of which will affect the skylight itself, the presence of leaks, and the surrounding roofing area.

Leaks Can Occur

Like your roofing and any other windows, skylights can leak. Working with reputable installers like Western Pacific Roofing and using quality materials will reduce the likelihood of a leak. However, they aren’t 100% guaranteed to prevent them. Some things that affect leaking are:

  • The materials used can dictate whether your skylight will leak.
  • You need to maintain the cladding seal between the glass and the metal.
  • You can reduce issues with underlayment and regular annual inspections.

Like anything, the materials you use will affect the chances of leaking, so use the best you can afford. However, ongoing maintenance is required to keep the functioning parts in good condition. Having a professional inspect your skylight each year will help prevent major issues.

There Are Different Materials Available

A skylight is a window at its core. And like most windows, there are many different materials you can choose from. However, the materials your skylight is made from can directly affect its efficiency and maintenance requirements. For example, glass is more expensive than plastic initially. However, plastic is susceptible to scratching that requires professional treatments.

Choose a Reputable Installer

Of course, the final quality of your skylight installation depends almost entirely on the expertise and experience of your contractor. Experts like Western Pacific Roofing offer a cost-effective service by working with you for the best materials, type, and placement. Additionally, a quality initial installation means you will have no issues down the line apart from general wear and tear.

Home Skylight Installation Summary

Thinking of installing a skylight? Skylight maintenance is necessary but depends on where you initially place it, the chances of leaking due to materials, and the quality of the initial installation. However, you can reduce issues by working with a reputable installer for the best advice.

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