Home Roof Tiles

Tile roofing is probably the most expensive, heaviest and longest lasting roofing material. Roof Tiles last a long time – usually a minimum duration of 40 to 50 years. Roof tile won’t rot or burn, and it can’t be harmed by insects. Roof tiles require a little maintenance and comes in a variety of colors, types, styles, and brands.  The biggest drawback to roof tiles is its weight. Depending on the material used to make it, roof tile can be very heavy – so heavy that extra roof support can be required. Tiles are fragile, so walking on them can break them. Roof tiles make it more difficult to accomplish maintenance like painting or cleaning rain gutters or fireplaces. Initial installation can be complicated.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay roof tiles are a good choice for homes with a southwestern, Italian, or Spanish Mission design, or even for homes with a modern, clean look. Clay roof tiles are most often thought of in the traditional “S” or “Spanish” tile look but clay can now be made in several other patterns as well.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles have essentially all of the upsides of clay roof tile but with the added advantage of being available in an even greater number of styles including traditional clay, slate, and even wood shake! It is ideal for communities with appearance codes because concrete roof tiles have such a wide range of appearance options.

Pros for Tile Roofs

Long life
Long warranty
Strong material
Available in a variety of shapes and colors
Environmentally Friendly

Cons For Tile Roofs

Material expense
A heavy material, which will not work on all roofs