Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips: Gutters, Drains, and more

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Commercial Roof Maintenance is an essential part of keeping your business in the best condition it possibly can be. However, because the roof is so often out of sight and, therefore, out of mind, it is more challenging to keep it in excellent condition compared to other parts of the building. 

But this can lead to issues with your roof that can affect the rest of your commercial building. So, while you may not think about keeping your roof clear all of the time, it’s still vital that you keep an eye on it throughout the year. To make things easier, here are the top tips for commercial and flat roof maintenance. 

Keeping the Drains Clear is Important Roof Maintenance

Drains, gutters, and scuppers are one of the main places you should take care of when looking to keep your roof in fantastic condition, and this is a critical component of commercial roofing. These areas should be cleared out twice a year, but it is also useful to check them during Fall if there has been a lot of wind. Neglecting this can lead to blockages in the drainage system. 

Remove Debris

Leftover debris following a storm or during the Fall can have a massive impact on your roof, especially if it is a flat roof. Any debris leftover can cause plants and greenery to sprout, which can lead to moisture in the roof that leaks through. Likewise, broken branches and leaves blown onto the roof by a storm can add unnecessary weight to the roof, which could cause the frames to bow. 

Take Care of Overhanging Branches

Following this, it’s essential to remove any overhanging branches around your roof to reduce the chance of debris falling onto the roof and damaging it. The trees sounding your property are most likely yours, you can trim away tree branches, but if it belongs to a neighbor, you are best off getting in touch with them to figure out a solution. 

Watch Out for Ponding at Home

Ponding is one of the significant causes of the need for flat roof maintenance, and this happens when water is not adequately drained or cleared following rain on the roof. Much like debris, ponding can add weight to the roof and damage the frames beneath the surface. The water can also leak through and cause rot and decay to the wood. 

Stay Vigilant

To ensure your roof does not require sudden and expensive maintenance, and your business or building does not experience severe damage, the best solution is to stay vigilant. Keep your eyes peeled following storms or extreme weather to ensure there is nothing that could cause damage to your roof. Doing this will ensure your roof remains in superb condition throughout the year.

Keeping a vigilant eye allows you to take steps immediately, and if you are unable to make these repairs or carry out roof maintenance yourself, get in touch with a local commercial roofing company to complete the tasks for you. 

Over Your Head

You may often forget about your roof or consider there is any chance of damage. However, ignoring to maintain your roof correctly can lead to severe damage, so it’s beneficial to understand how you can best care for and maintain your roof.

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