Top 5 Misconceptions About Roof Inspections at Home

Roofing Inspections at home

Given the importance of your roof, a roofing inspection is not considered a luxury but rather a necessity. But if you are apprehensive about it, let’s clear up some common misconceptions:

  • Anyone Can Inspect a Roof
  • New Roofs are Good for Years
  • There’s No Visible Damage, So I Don’t Need an Inspection
  • I Don’t Need a Regular Professional Inspection
  • A Roofing Inspection is Expensive

You might feel confident inspecting your roof or even having a friend do it. But only a professional roofer knows what to look for and how even if nothing is visible.

Anyone Can Inspect a Roof

This is one of the most dangerous statements out there. While it’s technically true that anyone can indeed look at your roof. They won’t know the exact signs of visible and invisible damage unless they are trained professionals like the employees of Western Pacific Roofing. So always call a reputable roofing contractor or inspector before deciding that there’s nothing wrong.

New Roofs are Good for Years

Another dangerous myth about roofing is that a brand new roof doesn’t need an inspection for years. Many people assume a new roof won’t degrade for a while. Yet a roof, like any part of your home, can become damaged at any time. Additionally, it pays to have your roof inspected in its early days since it will be under a contractor guarantee with an active warranty.

There’s No Visible Damage, So I Don’t Need an Inspection

Unless you are a professional roofer, you won’t know what to look for when inspecting a roof. Of course, there might be visible damage, such as a hole or cracks in shingles. But there are many hidden dangers of a failing roof that only an expert knows how to spot, including:

  • Membrane and shingle issues causing leaks into your attic space and structure.
  • Worn away flashing that can break anytime and cause a massive pour into your home.
  • Gasses being released by shingles in the heat that can cause a break at any moment.

Fortunately, Western Pacific Roofing employs highly skilled roofing inspectors you can call at any time, especially following a storm. Even with no visible damage, there may be underlying issues that can start small and develop into a deadly or costly situation.

I Don’t Need a Regular Professional Inspection

Whether your roof is brand new, very old, or just been repaired, it’s still vital you get a regular inspection. Roofing inspectors know what to look for and can recommend preventative maintenance to prolong the life of your roof. In addition, they can help save money by spotting issues early. Therefore, you should have your roof inspected at least once per year.

A Roofing Inspection is Expensive

You may be surprised to know that many roofing companies will offer a roofing health check for free. Experts like Western Pacific Roofing always prioritize your safety and will never charge more than necessary for an inspection. Of course, a repair isn’t free, but you can keep the costs to a minimum by booking a regular inspection in the first place. And many offer discounts.


There are numerous misconceptions about roof inspections. These include the myths that anyone can inspect a roof, no visible damage means no issue, and that inspections are costly.

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