Vancouver Heights is a quiet, family-friendly suburban neighborhood in Vancouver with many parks and green spaces to enjoy as well an abundance of restaurants on every corner.

Vancouver Heights is a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington. It has some great views and excellent schools nearby. The median real estate price here ($576K) makes it more expensive than 53.4 percent of other neighborhoods within WA and 76.6 percent nationwide.

In the Vancouver Heights neighborhood, you’ll find an average rental price of $2123. This is lower than 49.5 percent of Washington neighborhoods.

Vancouver Heights is a great place to call home if you’re looking for the traditional feel of an older neighborhood with all modern amenities. The area’s real estate consists primarily small, medium-sized, or three-bedroom homes that come in various styles – from single-family houses on tiny lots near some schools and shops right down around downtown where prices tend not to be too high; up through those large apartment buildings catering mainly towards people working there who don’t want any commute time.

The area of Vancouver Heights is a beautiful place to live. In fact, most homes in this neighborhood are owner-occupied and have been here for quite some time! You’ll find everything from older established neighborhoods that were built between 1940-69 as well as more recent construction during the 1970s up until 1999, which makes it very unique among other cities across America today.

The people in this Vancouver neighborhood are some of the most fortunate ones. They live alongside other financially successful individuals, making their lives much easier than those who don’t make as much money or have any at all. In fact, this area’s residents earn more income than 76.5% of American neighborhoods.

The most common jobs in the Vancouver Heights neighborhood are executive, management, and professional, with 41.1% of workers holding these positions, followed by manufacturing at 22%. Residents also have careers as sales representatives or service employees, such as those who work for major accounts at fast-food restaurants 18.3%.

The languages spoken in the Vancouver Heights community are quite diverse. There is a large selection of methods for communication, with 88.7% speaking English and 2.8% Spanish, but many other options exist to express yourself authentically no matter what your mother tongue may be.

About 37.2% of working residents in the Vancouver Heights neighborhood spend between 15 and 30 minutes one-way traveling to their job in the Vancouver area, which is shorter than most Americans’ commutes.


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