Water resources play an imperative role in our everyday lives. The Water Resources Education Center provides an informative and interactive experience for people of all ages on how we can protect these important natural gifts by taking care not only with what’s inside but also outside: limiting wastefulness, practicing recycling often (and gladly), being thankful when there is rain or snow because it ensures clean water supply even if you don’t notice any artificial pipes beneath your feet. The WRENC team offers fun educational programs designed to teach youth between 5-12 years old about environmental issues facing today’s generation, including climate change and species extinction.

The City of Vancouver was once a small village with only 600 people living in it. At this time, water pollution from factories or farms didn’t seem like an issue as few sources produced these harmful chemicals, which led to poor health for those living near them. Vancouver’s Water Resources Education Center is a place where people can learn more about the importance and management of water. Opened in 1996, this center has been educating residents around the Vancouver, WA area for over 20 years by providing informative programs on everything related to our most valuable resource. Vancouver’s Water Resources Education Center is a place where people from all over can learn more about how they take care and make decisions with water.

Situated at 4600 SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, WA 98661, the center is a one-of-a-kind environmental attraction that has something for everyone. Interactive exhibits and activities, beautiful natural gardens with waterfalls worth visiting even if you don’t want to see the wetlands or watch birds. Visitors to the museum can enjoy a wide array of environmental art pieces and spectacular views while learning about how we’ll be able to provide everyone with clean drinking water.

There is a 350-gallon aquarium where you can see live sturgeon and enjoy environmental artworks and spectacular panoramic views of the Columbia River. You will also learn how to protect our water supply for future generations by keeping it clean.

Come to the Water Center any day of the week, including Mondays – Saturdays, for free. The center offers exhibits on water-related topics. They also host community events throughout each year that you can get involved with or enjoy what they have going on at different times throughout summer months into early winter depending on where your schedule falls during those dates range from classes in demolishing dams which will teach kids how things work behind responsible building practices when it comes down to river hazard control, incidents drought relief, among others.

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