This five-mile-long paved pedestrian path links Esther Short Park with Wintler Community park via the Columbia River. The Renaissance Trail connects many of Vancouver’s community spaces and provides an incredible view that is hard to find anywhere else in this city.

The Waterfront Renaissance Trail is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air while exercising. The scenic surroundings often encourage people on foot or bike, but there’s also plenty of room for cars if you want them to. Along nearly your entire route along this riverside trail (which includes two beautiful bridges), both Columbia River views are visible- including one that features an impressive height over its namesake river: The 1-5 Bridge tops out at around 200 feet above sea level; Idom Benny lava tube might seem like another rock formation when viewed from down here.

The Waterfront Renaissance Trail offers a scenic yet leisurely way to explore the Columbia River. Along nearly all of this route, you will be able to enjoy its beauty as it shines through with an impressive bridge or two in view. The Waterfront Renaissance Trail is a popular path with postcard views of the city. One might especially enjoy it during sunset when there are free things to do in Vancouver.

Situated at 115 Southeast Columbia Way, Vancouver, Washington, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail provides a scenic riverfront path that visitors can use for walking, running, or biking. The five-mile-long paved trail leads from Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver all the way up to Wintler park on top of the Eastbank proxy peninsula, where you’ll find beautiful views at every turn.

The paved pathways and interpretive trails offer beautiful natural scenery that can be diverse at times, but it’s always worth the journey. Along this path, there are shops to buy things from restaurants where you could have delicious food or go for ice cream after enjoying all these great outdoor amenities such as boat tours alongside Historic Columbia River waterfront attractions.

The hiking trail has stops en route, including a stainless steel Wendy Rose sculpture, the World War II-era Kaiser Viewing Tower, and Shipyard in Ilchee Plaza. There are also spectacular views of Vancouver Land Bridge from these locations. Trailheads can be found at Wintler Community Park Marine Park or Waterfront Park downtown. The Discovery Historic Loop Trail in Vancouver is a great way to explore historic Vancouver. Along the trail, you can visit some of this city’s most popular destinations. 

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