What Are The Best Asphalt Shingles

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Your roof is one of the most crucial parts of your home’s structure. Every day, your roof is exposed to the elements and faces harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Exposure to the weather puts your roof’s strength and durability to the test. So, when the time comes to invest in a new roof, it is essential that you choose the best materials for the job. With so many different roofing materials available, you may be wondering what are the best asphalt shingles for your roof? There are two main types of asphalt shingle used for roofs; asphalt composition shingles and dimensional asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Composition Shingles

Asphalt composition shingles are created from a base which is either organic or made from fiberglass. The base is then saturated with asphalt, and a coating of minerals is then applied. The mineral coating helps to make the shingles weather-resistant. Asphalt composition shingles constructed with a fiberglass base tend to be stronger than those with organic bases.

The use of asphalt composition shingles is widespread, and they are a popular choice of asphalt shingle among homeowners in the United States. The popularity of asphalt composition shingles is largely due to them being a cost-effective roofing solution that is designed to last.

Another benefit of choosing asphalt composition shingles is that they are available in a wide range of colors. The choice of colors enables customers to select the most attractive option to suit their home and give it a fresh new look.

Asphalt composition shingles typically last between 20 and 30 years. However, their life expectancy does depend on the quality of the shingles and how well they were installed. 

Dimensional Asphalt Shingles

Dimensional asphalt shingles are an excellent option if you are looking for asphalt shingles that resemble slate. Dimensional asphalt shingles have a more customized appearance compared to the more uniform look you get from asphalt composition shingles. 

Dimensional asphalt shingles are also thicker than asphalt composition shingles and generally have a longer lifespan. Depending on the quality rating of the dimensional asphalt shingles that you choose, they could have a life expectancy of up to 40 years.

Choosing the Best Asphalt Shingles

When choosing the best asphalt shingles for your home, it is vital to consider affordability and the expected lifespan. Asphalt composition shingles offer a more cost-effective option for your roof, but choosing high-quality dimensional asphalt shingles could help your roof to last longer. Dimensional asphalt shingles are a great choice if you prefer a custom appearance for your roof.

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