What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles

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When you have visibly broken roof shingles, it can be a cause for concern. You might begin to worry about rain leaking through the roof, ongoing damage, or even the need for a replacement. However, you shouldn’t panic. In most cases, broken shingles can easily be repaired with the help of a roofing contractor.

Here are a few smart steps you should follow when you have broken shingles.

Investigate the new damage

If you see a broken shingle, then you need to make sure that you don’t jump to any conclusions. Before you think of the best course of action, you want to see what kind of damage has been done. First, assess whether it’s just a broken shingle, or if there are any additional issues such as leakage in the ceiling or damage to the insulation. You might need to fix more than just the single alone.

With the help of a professional roofing contractor, you can make sure that you don’t miss anything during your assessment. Furthermore, they can take a look to see if there were any underlying issues that caused the shingle to break, as well.

Fixing a cracked shingle

What kind of repairs you need will depend on the extent of the damage. If a shingle is just cracked, then all you have to do is repair that crack. This is done by using sealant and spreading it thickly underneath the crack using a putty knife. While pressing the shingle into the sealant, another coat should be applied on top of the crack. Hold the shingle together until the putty hardens and seals the shingle together, then leave it to dry.

Getting a replacement roof shingle

If a piece of shingle is missing or has broken off, you have to replace it entirely. You might have some extra shingles leftover from the installation or previous repairs but, if not, you can always source some more. Shingles are replaced using a pry bar to lift the one that’s above. Beneath, you will see a row of nails that should be pried. Loosen these and the shingle will come out, allowing you to replace the new one. If you’re not confident about getting up on the roof yourself or about replacing a shingle, then you should consider having the professionals do it for you.

Mind your gutters

One of the issues of a broken shingle that often does unanticipated is that of a blocked gutter. This happens because the broken shingle can cause granules, dust, and debris to come loose. All of it can fall into the gutters. This can lead to leaks down the side of the wall and, in some cases, inside the roof. For that reason, it’s a good idea to check your gutters and, if necessary, clean them out.

Fix your roof shingles with some help

It’s always best to make sure that you follow the above tips with the help of a local roofing company like Western Pacific Roofing. We have the experience to ensure the best repairs, as well as a thorough examination to ensure there are no further underlying issues.

If you’re in the Greater Northwest, we’d love to serve you! Our professional roof repair contractors serve all of NW Oregon & SW Washington.

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