What You Need to Know Before Installing a Skylight

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When you want to add a little extra natural light to your home, a skylight can be quite an illuminating choice. A good skylight can not only brighten up a room but make it feel much larger, and even improve your view of the surrounding environment.

Good for visibility, good for comfort, and sometimes even good for raising your home’s value. You may be excited about installing a skylight. But, you should make sure that you know what’s involved first. Here are a few tips and what you need to know before installing a skylight.

Research your skylights before install

There are plenty of different kinds of skylights, which means that you should do some research to figure out which kind you want. For instance, there are domed skylights and flat skylights, skylights that can’t be opened, and skylights that can be vented to improve air circulation around the home. While plastic skylights might be cheaper than glass, they also tend to get scratched more easily.

Another feature that people regularly consider for their skylight is whether or not they should have blackout shades for them. After all, skylights can introduce a lot of natural light to the home, but you might want some control over how much light gets in during different points of the day, so it’s worth considering.

Consider the placement of the Skylight before hand

You need to think about where you would like the light from your skylight to hit the room, as well as how it will affect the light and heat in the room. For instance, a skylight that faces south will typically get more sunlight during the day, which means more heat. Meanwhile, skylights that face north will typically get a more consistent amount of light. If you want more of that morning light, you might have it facing east, while west-facing lights will capture more light for longer throughout the evening.

Of course, you need to consider any obstructions around the home as well. There may be buildings or trees that might block the light from coming in. The placement of your skylights can also affect your likelihood of leaks, which we’ll look at a little further on.

Know the different ways to install a skylight

Aside from the many different skylights out there, there are a couple of ways to install skylights, as well. Here, we’ll cover the most notable differences:

  • Curb-mounted: These need a box structure that the skylight unit fits on top of. Fitting the unit allows you to replace or reflash the skylight more easily in the future.
  • Deck-mounted: These skylights do not use a box structure but are fitted more directly into the roof. They also tend to be more energy-efficient, but also can be harder to reflash or repair.

If you have difficulty choosing between skylights, your roofing contractor should be able to explain the pros and cons of each more thoroughly.

Be aware of leaks around the skylight

Leaks can be something of a problem in some installations. With the right materials and installations, your skylight should stay leak-free for longer. The most reputable materials on the market can keep it leak-free for a decade-plus. At some point, however, there is always going to be a time when the cladding seal between the glass and metal isn’t as complete as it once was, which will allow water to start passing through.

You can reduce your likelihood of leaks by ensuring the usage of good materials, as well as by keeping the skylight away from valleys and seams in the roof where debris can build up. You can also install things like an underlayment to ensure a better seal. Most importantly, you should have the skylights inspected every two or three years to make sure they’re holding up as expected.

Avoid poor skylight installations

Regardless of how you install a skylight, you need to make sure that you’re putting the time and investment into getting it right. The best way to do that is to make sure that you’re working with a reputable team. Don’t get ripped off by teams that don’t have plenty of reviews, trust badges, and experience in installing skylights. Rushed installations, cheap materials, and sub-par work can lead to some expensive repairs down the line. You may even have to get it reinstalled entirely.

Work with the right team when installing a skylight

Your choice of contractor is going to make a big difference. At West Pac Roofing, we bring extensive experience, cost-effective work, great customer service, and we’re fully insured, too. Giving you peace of mind. Get in touch if you’re considering adding a skylight to the home.

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