When is Emergency Roof Repair Needed for Damage?

When is Emergency Roof Repair Needed roofers home damage

If there is one thing that your home needs it’s a working and intact roof. You depend on this to protect you through the weather changes and you need your roof working so that you can be protected and your home can stay well-maintained. The thing is, you can maintain your roof as well as you can, but you can’t prepare for every emergency. Knowing the best emergency roof repair services out there will help you if a tree lands on your roof or a storm rips up some of it – as these are the emergencies you need to look out for.

What qualifies as an emergency repair?

Before you call emergency roof repair services, you need to know what qualifies as an emergency! If your roof has been damaged or compromised, you need to install a quick cover or repair to ensure that there is no other damage to the interior of the home or the remaining structure. You can put up an emergency tarp, but you need to bring in the professionals if you want to ensure that your home roof is protected and fixed quickly. 

If a roof system is damaged because of a storm, a fire, or pests in the roof space, you may require an emergency repair. High winds can damage your roof, and trees that fall onto a portion of it can compromise the structure of the building. Fire will eat through any roofing structure and pests can chew through the wooden beams that make up the roof. Rain can then get into the house and you don’t just have a broken roof to fix! In any of these situations, an emergency roof repair may be required. 

What happens when you call in the professionals?

If you have called in emergency roof repair services and there is a storm still occurring, or a fire is still blazing, a professional crew will always wait until the issue subsides. They will then get to you as quickly as possible in the safest way. During those moments, there isn’t anything an emergency roof repair specialist can do without compromising their safety. While you wait, you should stay away from the roofing structure or the rest of the home until it’s fixed.

What can you do as a homeowner?

You shouldn’t panic if the roof is damaged or has leaks. The damage is done, so you should contact your insurance provider and a professional roofer to help. The sooner you call a professional about the damage, the better. They will have you on an emergency list and be able to attend to you. You shouldn’t attempt to repair the roof by yourself as the risk of injury without the appropriate tools and ladders is high. The professionals know what they are doing – and roofs can be repaired where bodies may not be!

Take photos of your roof and the damage for your insurance company, and you’re ready to get started in an emergency.

If your roof HAS deteriorated to the point of leaking and a repair just can’t wait, we offer roof repair emergency services, as well. We will get there as soon as we possibly can and fix the problem, or, if necessary, we will put a temporary solution in place (e.g. a tarp) until a proper repair can be done to your roof.

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