When Should You Replace Your Roof Gutters at Home?

when should you replace gutters

If you are like most people, you probably haven’t thought about your guttering in quite a while! The condition of your guttering might be a complete mystery – until the overflow starts causing catastrophic damage to other parts of your house. 

The main job of the gutter is to direct water away from the walls and down to the ground. When they are working correctly, they prevent extensive and expensive damage to your home. When it comes to your gutter, prevention, and regular inspection is the best option. However, like most people, if you have left it a little long, a replacement might be precisely what you need. Here are some surefire signs that you need to have a gutter repair. 


Keep in mind that gutters are integral in protecting your home exterior from excess water and debris by running water away from the home. If they’re not working correctly in any part of the system, water can seep into the ground around the home. Once water seeps into those areas, it can start to be absorbed by the foundations of your home. You can tell if there are issues in the foundations of your home when cracks begin to appear around door frames, window frames, and ceilings. 

Screws and nails on the floor

If you are not an avid DIYer and have found some screws or nails on the floor outside your home, you could be looking at some of the fixtures of the guttering working themselves loose. The screws may have worked themselves loose, or they might be sheered off. Either way, if you find them around the exterior of your home, consider your gutter a potential culprit.

Peeling Paint on Gutters

A sign you can watch out for is that galvanized gutters have a special coating that stops water from penetrating them. If you notice any peeling of the paint or even some light flaking, you may need to get them replaced. This is a sign that water has managed to get through to the metal and is wreaking havoc. Another sign is that rust can start to form; if you see rust or peeling paint on your gutters, you need to get yours replaced. 

Overflowing water

One of the most common signs that people look for to see if they need to have their gutters replaced is that the water is overflowing. You might notice that water is still traveling through the down pipe too. But, this doesn’t mean you can hold off on getting your gutters replaced. It could indicate several things, such as your gutters being too narrow, incorrectly installed, or not angled correctly. 

Splits and cracks on the Gutters

When you remember to, look at your drain pipers and gutters to see if you notice any splits or cracks. Even the most minor cracks shouldn’t be ignored because those will get bigger over time and cause continued damage. Cracks can often snap completely when the cold weather hits. This is because the ice expands and causes tension in the cracks and splits. Often smaller splits can be noticed if you notice a drip or small stream of water coming from one part of the guttering. 

Sagging gutters

Gutters that pull away from the facials or begin to sag in some areas could have several things wrong with them. One of the issues is that they might not be getting enough support from the hangers; another is that the gutter sizing is incorrect or that the hangers are too far apart. 

If you notice your gutters sagging, a common issue is that there is a build-up of debris like leaves and twigs that is too heavy for the gutter and weighing it down. You can have this rectified by getting your gutters clean. Although the damage could be done already, and a replacement might be your best option. 

Home Water damage

Exterior walls can be the most significant telltale sign that your gutters need to be replaced. Check that there are no signs of water damage, a musty smell, the appearance of mold or mildew, or peeling paint. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to get your gutters replaced. 

Another sign that your gutters might need replacing is if you cannot remember the last time you had them inspected or maintained. Older gutters usually have several of the issues above. Even if you haven’t noticed it, damaged gutters can significantly impact the Exeter (and internal parts of your home). When your gutters stop working correctly, you risk mold, rot, and pest problems. 

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