Help! Why is Moss Growing on My Roof

how to stop moss growing on roof

Moss grows on roofs for several reasons. The most common reason is when the top gets too hot and humid during warmer months. Another reason moss may grow is when leaks in the roof cause water to seep through, creating moist conditions.

This blog post discusses how you can identify if your growing moss problem is due to a leaky roof or high humidity and what you need to do about it.

What is moss? 

Moss is a plant that thrives in moist, shady areas. It has small green leaves and low-growing stems which resemble grass blades when not actively growing or producing spores. Moss likes to grow on roofs because it provides the perfect amount of shade for them – they like humid environments with lots of moisture (including rain) and dark places where their photosynthesis won’t be interfered with by direct sunlight. You can identify moss on your roof if you see patches of light green or yellow in shaded spots such as valleys, around skylights, and near chimneys and gutters. Also, if there are cracks in your roof tiles, then you’re most likely going to find moss growing within these gaps too!

Why does moss grow on roofs?

There are many reasons why moss likes to grow on roofs. For example, suppose your home is in an area with high humidity and warm temperatures. In that case, it’s possible that the water from rain or snow runoff can seep into roof tiles and dampen them – this provides the perfect conditions for the roots of mosses to establish themselves. Moss also thrives off moisture, so if there is a leak in your roof allowing water through, then you’re likely going to find patches of green growing between cracks around skylights or chimneys!

How does moss damage your roof?

Moss can damage your roof because it feeds off the materials used to construct it. In addition, mosses can leach minerals from certain types of brick, mortar and shingles, which causes them to start deteriorating over time! Another issue with moss growing on roofs is that if you do have a leak, they could become infested with molds or other fungi like mildew which further cause more harm than good. Additionally, moss can cause many issues with your roofing tiles as it spreads across them – this might not sound very serious, but over time, it will make those tiles much more likely to fail, which could lead to leaks.

How to get rid of moss on your roof 

If you decide to clean moss off your roof yourself, you need to take all proper safety precautions. There are several moss killer sprays you can use on the market as well as homemade remedies that will get the job done. Do not use a pressure washer to remove moss on your roof. It will damage shingles and completely compromise the integrity of the shingle itself.

Moss loves to grow on roofs because of high humidity and dark-shaded areas. If you have a leaky roof, then this will provide the perfect conditions for mosses to establish themselves, but also cause other issues with your tiles which can lead to further problems!

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