Why You Should Get a Roof Inspection Before Installing Solar Panels

solar Get a Roof Inspection Before Installing Solar Panels solar panel project inspection

Solar panels are becoming a popular option for homeowners across the US. Not only will you be reducing your impact on the environment, but you’ll also save a huge amount on your energy bills too. 

In most properties, installing solar panels is usually done on the roof of the property. This is to catch the sun’s energy more effectively. 

Before you have these panels installed, you should always have a roof inspection carried out by an experienced professional. There are a number of reasons which incorporate both financial and safety reasons. 

Structural Integrity 

Solar panels and their fixings will add extra weight to your roof. Chances are when your property was designed and built, the additional weight of these panels wasn’t taken into account. Older properties in particular may have weaker structures. Installing solar panels on a weak structure can cause extensive damage to your property. That damage could be both dangerous and expensive to repair. 

A professional roof inspection will assess the structural integrity of the roof and its supports. If it’s discovered that the existing roof won’t support the solar panels, then work can be done to reinforce it first. 

Identify Areas In Need Of Repair

Damaged roof tiles can lead to water leaks inside your property and increase the risk of further damage to both the interior and exterior of your home. If you place solar panels on a roof that isn’t sound, then the water will damage the roof structure. This could lead to buckling or even collapse of the roof. 

If an area under a solar panel needs to be repaired, then it can be very expensive to have the solar panels removed and reinstalled to allow access. It’s good practice to have your roof inspected and repaired before installation

A roof inspection is important to ensure that your solar panels are installed on a roof that is in good condition. 

Ensure The Solar Panels Are Situated Correctly 

The size and position of solar panels are important factors in them working efficiently. The angle of the panels, the direction they’re facing and potential obstacles such as antennas or chimneys all need to be taken into account. The location of the battery, inverter, and cables will also need to be established. 

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Our team is experienced in carrying out in-person roof inspections on your property. We can ensure that your roof and supports are in the perfect condition for installing solar panels safely. Many solar panel companies don’t have the expertise to assess and repair your roof properly. So save yourself a lot of money and disruption by getting it done right, the first time. 

We will thoroughly inspect the condition of your existing roof and recommend any repairs or reinforcements that need to be made in order to get it into perfect condition for your panels so you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy. All estimates are free and you’re under no obligation. 

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